Saturday, July 23, 2011

Coupon Much?

Yes, I know, it's been eons since I posted. I got on FB and somehow it was just quicker/easier or so it seems. When I blog, I like to add pictures and it's not as easy to do w/our current pc setup.

However, here I am....

Recently, I have become re-interested in trying to use coupons to save our family $ on purchases and while I'd like very much to pay $2.00 for a shopping cart full like they do on those extreme coupon shows, I don't think that's going to happen.

I did, however, use a few coupons today and it's the small victories, right? It all adds up.

Target purchase:

Market Pantry hot dog buns:   $.99
Scotch magic tape:                    .60 (on sale!)
Manufac. Coupon:                  -1.00

Total out of pocket for buns and tape:   $.59

That wasn't a big extreme deal, but hey, we use tape!

The older girls were with me, and both did the same transaction - why sep. transactions? The coupon said 1 per transaction on the Target store coupons we had - there was one for Scotch tape for $.50 we used on the other transactions along w/the manuf. coupons. Even better deal! $1.50 off the $.60 tape (which is why we put the buns w/the tape for the transaction, I only had 2 of the Target store coupons though b/c that's all the coupon site would allow to be printed. I keep thinking how fun it would've been if I'd given the $.50 off coupon to Miss A to use along w/the $1.00 off on her order ($1.00 manuf. and $.50 Target coupon), then her total would've been $.09 - oh well, still received the savings, just on my big checkout.

So, there's my "extreme" couponing for the day, LOL. Don't get too jealous!