Saturday, October 31, 2009

And another....

I decided to take Mr. A to the dr. today and he has been diagnosed with bronchitis - the dr. heard wheezing when he listened to him and asked if we had a nebulizer...why, yes, we do.

Anyway, Mr. A also got a prescription for antibiotics and some over the counter cough medicine for nighttime - as of right now the boys are both resting well. Miss Baby is also and I haven't been hearing any coughing from the girls' room tonight either.

I pray they are all well soon. It's hard on everyone to have a house full of sick children.

I will say this, at the pediatrician's office, my children looked like they were just fine compared to how the rest of the children looked - they were all laying on their parents and quiet....mine....I had the boys and Miss Baby with me...were..well....rearranging the chairs....flitting back and forth to check out the fish tank...lying on the floor (one of them - ugh!)....well, you get the picture. I started to have second thoughts about being there at all, but am thankful I listened to my gut and took Mr. A in to have him checked out - his cough has sounded worse than everyone else's and I just wanted to rule out ear infections, make sure his lungs were clear, etc. I believe it's a good thing we went.

After being in the waiting room and then finally the exam room for 2 hours - yes, 2 hours, about 5 or more hand sanitizing sessions (must we really touch the fish tank every time we go to look at it????? yes, apparently we must....even after Mama reminds a certain someone to not touch it....), we finally got out of there... Don't get me started on how long we waited for the pharmacy - they were busy too.

I hope you, the reader, are well!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9 months today!

Miss Baby is 9 months old today. We started off the day heading to the pediatrician for the 9 month well check visit. Everyone went along (children-wise) because our favorite babysitter has the chicken pox! Pray for her - she had the chicken pox when she was 2 and now has them again at 16!

At Miss Baby's appointment, the dr. listened to Miss Baby's lungs as part of the well check and also because Miss Baby has had a cough for the past 3-4 days or so. The dr. said she heard a bit of a "wheeze" - after a breathing treatment in the office, Miss Baby sounded a lot better so we headed out after being there 1.5 hrs. and picked up a new nebulizer (we went through something similar w/Mr. A when he was 3 mos. old, but don't have a clue where that nebulizer is...) and then to another pharmacy for the medicine. It was not the dr. visit I had thought we would be having, but feel it is providential timing - who knows what might have happened in the days to come w/Miss Baby and the "cough" and whether or not we would have thought she needed to be seen, etc. I'm very thankful she's receiving treatment earlier rather than later when we might have been facing RSV or pneumonia....please keep her in your prayers.

I hope to have a 9 mos. picture up soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's here!

At long last, Miss Baby has her first tooth!

Can you see it?

Friday, October 23, 2009


A few days ago the girls wanted me to fix their hair in the style of Princess Leia and/or Padme - I did what I could do, not being a fabulous "hair stylist" and they went on their merry way.

Around lunchtime, Miss A headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water and Mr. A followed after calling out... "Wait, I want to see your hair-dude!"

he he he...not a "hair-do", but a "hair-dude"

So cute!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 7 of school - complete!

Last week we managed to pull Tapestry back into the mix and even did our projects (however, they did take time over the weekend to finish them up!).

We had a pretty good week. I went back to the dr. and after a round of antibiotics feel like I'm on the mend finally - cough is still present, but is a lot better. Fever is finally gone - Praise God! I don't have a ton of energy, but am prayerful that it will return soon.

All of the children are well and I am very thankful for that.

We studied Vikings this past week and dispensed with our Zoology for the week. (no energy for both on my part). The children really enjoyed learning about the Vikings and building their Viking longhouses.

Here are quite a few pictures - you have to see them from every angle! I'll try to share a bit about each one so you'll understand their creations. I helped with the construction of the actual house, but all decorations were done by the children (hence it taking over the weekend to complete - they would still be tweaking and adding things if I'd let them, but at some point you have to say "enough!" and reclaim your table!).

Here's Miss E with her Viking longhouse:

Just starting out....

To the left is Miss Baby sitting outside on a chair...The figure "standing" is supposed to be me...we all appear to be a little jaundiced (limitations of the clay colors we had on hand!) - behind me in the house you can see the bed and small cradle for Miss Baby.

A view of the whole house and surrounding yard....

This is the...ahem...outhouse...and that's Miss E's clay figure of herself inside...why is the door open Miss E? She thought this was hysterically funny.....uh huh.

Note the thatch roof...

We used corn meal for the "sand" area where the livestock are kept - here you can see the "weiner horse" as Miss E described it to me....


Here's Miss A with her Viking longhouse:

Starting off....

"outhouse" to the front right, with a lid :)

View from the side....thatch on roof...

Miss A was limited to red clay...therefore her Vikings look like they've been getting quite a bit of sun....Bed shown on left, fire immediately beside at right in cradle.

Front/side view. "Sandy" area at front left for livestock. "Shed" at front left is for the chickens.

2 red hens.....

The whole sha-bang...

Miss A with her creation...

Here's Mr. E with his Viking longhouse:

Getting started...

All done - what a plush bed Mr. A has for his Viking (his Viking was a Mario figure, but unfortunately it was left in the car on the day of picture-taking)

Thatch roof - note the hearts in the "sand/dirt" - apparently these Vikings have a lot of time on their hands and like to draw designs in the dirt of their yard (Mr. E found some small cookie cutters in the play-doh box and got creative!)

Front view - you can see the fireplace area to the back/right and the large match lying on the ground in front of it.

Mr. E - Viking longhouse creator extraordinaire...

Mr. A was not allowed to create one of his own despite his pleas - I just didn't have the time, energy, space, patience, etc. for him to participate in this project - he wasn't too upset thankfully and went off to play after watching the other children for a few minutes. He really just wanted to play with the clay and play-doh. :)

In hindsight, we did do a little bit of Zoology somewhere along the way - we mixed up a batch of "smart suet" from the recipe in our Zoology book and hung out our suet feeders. So far, we have not seen any visitors to them. Here you can see Mr. E's - he chose to put his next to the other feeders, while the girls put theirs on our lone tree (not pictured).

step 1 - melting the lard and crunchy peanut butter

final step (sorry, didn't get pics in between - the children were adding ingredients so quickly!) freeze suet in plastic bags to firm it up before placing in feeder bags (anyone need any suet? considering the fact that we're not getting any visitors to our feeders, we have enough suet for.....ever?)

Mr. E's suet feeder (interesting note - the birds would NOT go to the regular feeder as long as the suet feeder was hanging there - I took it down one day and moved it to the other soda pop feeder and then the birds started going to the one on the left again, but wouldn't go to the one on the right! I removed it completely and the birds started visiting both of the soda pop feeders again - very interesting!) Here you can see a few of our "bird friends" as Mr. A calls them!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back up....

After a conversation with the nurse yesterday, I decided it was time to go back for another check on my "condition" as it stands.

Contrary to our home thermometer, which stated I was a balmy 99-ish, the one at the dr. office stated I was a bit over 102. Hmm. I think I'm done w/our home thermometer and will be getting a regular ol' thermometer as soon as we can find one - CKB looked at Walgreens and the grocery store last night on his way home and they were out!

Anyway, the dr. said my lungs are still clear - that was good news. Considering the sound of my coughing I thought for sure I was heading down the road to bronchitis or worse. The dr. said she thought it was time for a round of antibiotics to see if we could 'get this cleared up' - uh huh. So, I headed off, still not knowing what on earth is wrong specifically, prescription in hand and hopeful it will indeed "clear things up".

CKB picked up my prescription on his way home along w/a few other things they recommended for the congestion, etc. and that were "approved" for when you're nursing. For the record, I absolutely do NOT like to take ANYTHING when I'm pregnant or nursing. I took one of the congestion medicines before bed hoping it would help me sleep better and not cough as much - I don't know that it really did anything to "help" - I still woke up about 5-8 times last night coughing and coughing and, well, you get the point. I'm sore from coughing.

Anyway.....any of y'all have recommendations for a good thermometer for using with small children? The Braun temporal one we have just doesn't seem to be that accurate. I always feel like it's reading low compared to what they get at the dr. office and that's not good. Some of the children are old enough to hold a regular thermometer under their tongues I suppose.....but not the littlest, of course.

Well, that's the update. Not so fabulous.

On a funny note, I was trying to do a little catching up on our history reading when I got back from the dr. - Miss Baby was awake during this and almost as if on cue, as soon as I started reading about Alfred the Great, she interjected a loud "Aaaaaaaa!" (short "a" sound) every 2-3 words for 3 pages of reading. It was humorous, however a tad disruptive. Now I remember why I try to get our history reading done during her afternoon nap!

Monday, October 12, 2009

99...100....and holding?

Today the highest temp. I've taken has been 100.0 - I am ever so hopeful that I'm on the downside of this mess finally. Now, to just get over this congested miserable cough. I'm sore from coughing. Ugh.

We were able to resume all schoolwork today despite my hacking and coughing, for which I am very thankful. Amidst one of our readings today, a choking fashion read "Hungary...ack..cough...Hungary....cough cough" and when I finally got control again just had to say "Hippos" to which I was met with hysterical giggles from my "class" - anyway, I don't think they'll forget reading about Rollo the Viking and Henry the Fowler any time soon!

All of the children remain clear from the fever/congested cough mess, as does CKB. Praise God! It is a HUGE testament to the protecting hand of God that Miss Baby hasn't contracted this mess. She is always around me, even at times when I've had a coughing fit...or two...I am so thankful for a loving, merciful God.

Other than a few more of the same type of, we think, house sparrows at the feeders out back, we saw a tabby cat on the woodpile today - who knows where it came from, but it was a surprise to see it out back when I looked to see if there were any birds around! So far we have NOT had any visitors to the suet feeders....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

101 and holding....

Yesterday I went all day without my temperature going over 101 - hooray - there is a light at the end of the tunnel I do believe.

I wasn't up much....last night which I'm sure was a great relief to CKB since today was the 3 hrs. away preaching appointment Sunday and a good night's sleep is always much appreciated the night before that drive.

As it turned out, I woke up with temp. readings of 98.6 and 99.2 - I did not hop out of bed however and go on a 3 hr. drive w/CKB - he thought it would be best for me to stay here and rest. If I felt up to it to attend services locally, but to stay close to home and rest. About the time I'd decided I'd get everyone ready and go to services, I started coughing...and coughing....and....coughing. So, I decided we'd stay home after all. We sang a little while (amidst my coughing) and prayed together and read together - all the while thinking about CKB driving and driving. He is driving now on his way back home...3 hrs.

Just took my temp. and it's 101.3..........maybe it won't go any higher........

Miss Baby is still well - Praise God!
The boys are both still well - Praise God!
The older girls are both doing great with the exception of a little bit of coughing on Miss A's part last night - Praise God!
CKB is well - Praise God!

I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get back into the full swing of things tomorrow with schoolwork also - I might just have to read and cough and read and cough to get it all done or enlist the girls' help to do some of the reading aloud...we'll see.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 6 of school - sick week

Well, as you may know, we've been trying to get better over the course of this past week.

As of right now (Friday afternoon), I'm still under the weather. CKB wasn't feeling well yesterday after he got home from work and I pray it's not the mess I've been dealing with. Time will tell.

All of the children are fever-free - hooray! Miss Baby and the boys are still holding out - Praise God!

Now, just to see if my fever creeps up again today or far the highest reading I've gotten today has been 99.5....I'm hopeful that this might be the day it goes away. It was a week ago today that this all started.

As far as school goes - Miss E is still playing catchup a little bit, but is almost back on track.

We did not do any Tapestry or Zoology this week since those involve all of the children listening to readings, etc. and 1. Miss E and Miss A were both out of it Monday, 2. Miss E was still out of it Tuesday and Wednesday, 3. I've been out of it all week and did not feel like doing all the reading out loud that needed to be done, not to mention supervising any projects.

So...Lord willing, we'll pick up with Week 6 of Tapestry Monday and I pray I'll be up to the reading since there's quite a bit for Week 6. Also, we'll pick back up with Zoology and make our suet (maybe over the weekend, maybe not) and continue on. We have been having quite a lot of little visitors to the feeders and we believe they are house sparrows. I'm going to try to get a better picture of them sometime soon, but for now, that's what we amateur birders think.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Interesting.... re: swine flu

So many have asked me if we have/had swine flu, that I thought I'd give the nurse a callback to verify what exactly they tested for anyway.

She said they test for Type A and Type B influenza. I asked how they determine if someone has "swine flu" and she said that if you come back positive for Type A, they're "saying" it's "swine flu" because "it's too early for the regular flu" - uh......huh.

Anyway....that's what I was told.

Miss E is still without fever today - hooray! I continue with 103 (and that's with a Tylenol on board, fun!).

Miss E has been playing catchup on her schoolwork today and doing a great job. Everyone else is either on track or caught for me to get caught up with checking their work.....maybe tonight after Miss Baby is in bed and I take 2 Tylenol.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today we heard that Miss E's strep culture that was sent out to the lab also came back negative.


She has been holding at a temperature of 99 all day - hooray!

I, on the other hand, am back up to 102 right now....I hope tomorrow is the end of the fever. I can't remember a time I've run a "higher" temp. for so long.

Back to my cups of hot tea and cool water....and keeping an eye on everyone else...and most importantly, praying that no one else comes down with this, whatever it is, mess.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Prognosis...negative, negative, negative....

CKB worked from home today and was able to help out with everyone and allow for me and Miss E to go to the Dr. without taking everyone along and exposing them to who knows what else.

First up, my appt. My fever has been up around 102/103 since Friday. After a mild migraine around noon, I took 2 Tylenol and therefore showed no fever at the appointment :) They checked me for flu, but the results were negative. "Just treat your symptoms" was what I was told.

Next up, Miss E's appointment. Her temp. was up to 104.2 - Motrin on board at the appointment and a strep test and flu test later, all negative.

What's wrong with us? Who knows. We're still both running fever. Mine's up to around 104 now. Oh joy. Miss E and I are the ones around here who don't get sick very often, so it's been odd that this hit both of us so hard. Thankfully Miss A's fever is gone and both of the boys are ok so far. Miss Baby is ok as well and I pray she will continue to be well.

I must admit I'd forgotten how miserable a fever can make you feel. I've gone from freezing and shivering to burning up every day since Friday. I pray this mess breaks up pretty soon and we're on the mend around here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5 of school - complete!

Week 5 seemed to be a "lighter" week for us. We still accomplished a lot, but our readings were a little bit lighter and less this week in both Zoology and Tapestry, not to mention, no mapwork this week in Tapestry.

So, let's see...this week we read about Charlemagne. We also read the story of King Arthur, which the children really enjoyed. Projects this week were abundant!

Miss E chose to learn some "slight of hand" (tricks) as well as to create a coat of arms, make a "jumping jack" and a model of a medieval cottage - whew!

Here she is with her medieval cottage:

Miss A wanted to learn to juggle. She also chose to make a model of a medieval cottage.

No pictures yet of her juggling, but here she is with her cottage.

Mr. E thought he wanted to make a jumping jack until he saw what it was...then he changed his mind and declared he would make a coat of arms!

Here is his coat of arms which he incorporated into a shield...hmm, this looks a tad familiar....

I wonder where he got his inspiration from....I can't imagine...

In Zoology news, we constructed some soda pop bottle bird feeders for the backyard - this project didn't take too long, but as seems to always be the case when 4 children are involved, it took longer than I thought it would :)

Here's Mr. E filling up one of the two feeders....

2 feeders ready to go...

We also plan to make some suet and put out suet feeders. We, ahem, I mean, I forgot to get one ingredient at the store last week so this project is on hold temporarily....

We saw our first visitor to the feeders today - can you guess what kind of bird it is?

We ended the week on a low note - Miss E was pretty sick Friday and then it hit me Friday as well (fever of 102-103) - over the course of the weekend, Miss A started running a fever as well. Miss E continues to run a low grade fever, but hasn't been sick any more. We thank God for that! Lord willing, we'll all be on the mend soon. Praise God for keeping Miss Baby well thus far. Mr. A has a little bit of a cough, but that's all.

In other news, Miss A lost another tooth this week - I believe.....that's 4 for each of the older girls! Miss Baby is still without teeth.

How was your week?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A quote...

Mr. E asked, "Can we get dinner from Confetti Fried Chicken?"