Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 5 of school - complete!

Week 5 seemed to be a "lighter" week for us. We still accomplished a lot, but our readings were a little bit lighter and less this week in both Zoology and Tapestry, not to mention, no mapwork this week in Tapestry.

So, let's see...this week we read about Charlemagne. We also read the story of King Arthur, which the children really enjoyed. Projects this week were abundant!

Miss E chose to learn some "slight of hand" (tricks) as well as to create a coat of arms, make a "jumping jack" and a model of a medieval cottage - whew!

Here she is with her medieval cottage:

Miss A wanted to learn to juggle. She also chose to make a model of a medieval cottage.

No pictures yet of her juggling, but here she is with her cottage.

Mr. E thought he wanted to make a jumping jack until he saw what it was...then he changed his mind and declared he would make a coat of arms!

Here is his coat of arms which he incorporated into a shield...hmm, this looks a tad familiar....

I wonder where he got his inspiration from....I can't imagine...

In Zoology news, we constructed some soda pop bottle bird feeders for the backyard - this project didn't take too long, but as seems to always be the case when 4 children are involved, it took longer than I thought it would :)

Here's Mr. E filling up one of the two feeders....

2 feeders ready to go...

We also plan to make some suet and put out suet feeders. We, ahem, I mean, I forgot to get one ingredient at the store last week so this project is on hold temporarily....

We saw our first visitor to the feeders today - can you guess what kind of bird it is?

We ended the week on a low note - Miss E was pretty sick Friday and then it hit me Friday as well (fever of 102-103) - over the course of the weekend, Miss A started running a fever as well. Miss E continues to run a low grade fever, but hasn't been sick any more. We thank God for that! Lord willing, we'll all be on the mend soon. Praise God for keeping Miss Baby well thus far. Mr. A has a little bit of a cough, but that's all.

In other news, Miss A lost another tooth this week - I believe.....that's 4 for each of the older girls! Miss Baby is still without teeth.

How was your week?


Courtney said...

Congrats to Miss A! Love the roof on that cottage as well! Miss E I love your cottage the pony is great! Mr. E you are a great cutter. I can't cut that well...or at least I don't have to patience for it. Mr A love those...pants! Seriously I just got Silas some just like them! :) Awsome shield too. Miss you Miss Baby. grow teeth grow...CAB do you go to the store each week to get supplies or do you have a huge box somewhere with all the right stuff? So many projects it makes my head spin just thinking about it. Cecily asked today to learn to read and that's what I've been waiting for so I guess I'll start there.

CAB said...

:) Well, for the science projects I bought a kit from Creation Sensation because I am a busy mom of 5 who does not have time to go to the store every week for supplies. Most of the things needed for the science projects are in the kit - the exceptions are listed out by lesson number and those do require a trip to the store sometimes or are "common" household items, ie, "parents with knife" (for cutting holes in the top sides of the soda bottles) - etc. :)

As for the History far I think we've mostly had whatever we needed on hand, ie, this week, cardboard (when you have kiddos in diapers and are buying mass quantities of paper towels and such at Sam's, there are ALWAYS large and small cardboard boxes around!). I just happened to have some brown paper lunch bags on hand that my Mom gave me for...drumroll please...craft projects...and they came in very handy this week.

Congrats to Cecily - best wishes to you! We started off with Bob Books :) Mr. A is about ready to start, just need to find time!

lazy susie said...

Wonderful work, everyone! The salt dough maps (in an older post) are outstanding!

Susan (from LooseThreads)

Lepidoptera said...

Great pics of the projects. Mr. E was not too inpsired in the imagination/creativity department with his shield but gets an A+ for looking pleased with the finished product.

Your birdie looks like a sparrow. There are many kinds. We saw a new bird at the feeder today. I think that it is a nuthatch. Too bad the bird expert was not in residence or we could have asked him. ;-)