Saturday, October 31, 2009

And another....

I decided to take Mr. A to the dr. today and he has been diagnosed with bronchitis - the dr. heard wheezing when he listened to him and asked if we had a nebulizer...why, yes, we do.

Anyway, Mr. A also got a prescription for antibiotics and some over the counter cough medicine for nighttime - as of right now the boys are both resting well. Miss Baby is also and I haven't been hearing any coughing from the girls' room tonight either.

I pray they are all well soon. It's hard on everyone to have a house full of sick children.

I will say this, at the pediatrician's office, my children looked like they were just fine compared to how the rest of the children looked - they were all laying on their parents and quiet....mine....I had the boys and Miss Baby with me...were..well....rearranging the chairs....flitting back and forth to check out the fish tank...lying on the floor (one of them - ugh!)....well, you get the picture. I started to have second thoughts about being there at all, but am thankful I listened to my gut and took Mr. A in to have him checked out - his cough has sounded worse than everyone else's and I just wanted to rule out ear infections, make sure his lungs were clear, etc. I believe it's a good thing we went.

After being in the waiting room and then finally the exam room for 2 hours - yes, 2 hours, about 5 or more hand sanitizing sessions (must we really touch the fish tank every time we go to look at it????? yes, apparently we must....even after Mama reminds a certain someone to not touch it....), we finally got out of there... Don't get me started on how long we waited for the pharmacy - they were busy too.

I hope you, the reader, are well!


W. Latane Barton said...

There seems to be so much sickness and of course, the talk about the flu virus is enough to scare anyone. It's always a good thing to get those little ones checked out.

Lepidoptera said...

We are glad to have everybody well again and hope to stay that way for a while. It's hard this time of the year. I'm glad that you took them to the dr. too and glad that they are getting well.

Matt said...

Nebulizers are FANTASTIC!!!!