Monday, November 23, 2009

Since when?

Since when did children get the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school? I know we didn't when I was in school....ah well. Well, the schools in our neck of the woods appear to - as is evidenced by the 10 or so young boys playing ball in the neighborhood this afternoon!

We, on the other hand, continued with school this week - I know, mean me, right? No, we missed a week back when I was sick, re-mem-ber????? So we're continuing on this week until we head off for a Thanksgiving road trip - fun fun!

Anyway - we're free of sickness at the moment and very thankful.

Been too busy to blog lately - I know, y'all have missed it so much, right? Ha ha.

Miss Baby has been verbalizing more and more - she uttered her first genuine "ma-ma!" in the car over the weekend - she was tired of being in her carseat and had been fussing and it culminated in a loud cry for help - "Ma-ma!!!!" - melted my heart of course, and made me sad at the same time since I couldn't stop and just pull her out of the carseat and hold her at that moment - sigh - nothing like those first times a baby says "mama" or "dada" :)

Well, I don't have much time right now either - laundry mountain beckons....why do I always have a mountain of laundry right before a trip?? and feel the need to get it down to a small hill before we leave? And, why do the children wear their best, unstained clothes the days before we leave? I guess in future I need to pack 2 weeks out and snatch all the "nice" clothes straight out of the dryer so they never have a chance to be worn before the'll never happen, nevermind.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

more sickness....

Well, it seems since the beginning of October, at least, that someone has been sick.

At present, we are done with breathing treatments for Miss Baby and Mr. A - at the dr. office today (yes, we were there again - I joked that we should just rent a room, har har...har...) - the dr. kindly listened to both Mr. A and Miss Baby and said they were both "crystal clear" - Praise God!

Now, there is still the occasional cough from both of them and Miss Baby's nose, well, it's still a bit runny...but we're on the upswing...I think.

Miss A and Mr. E seem to be pretty much over the mess as well - Praise God!

Miss E, though, apparently didn't want to feel left out and came home with a diagnosis of an ear infection in one ear and bronchitis - argh.

So, we continue on...and continue to pray for good health and for all of this to clear up before Thanksgiving....and nothing new to beset us healthwise.

How's everyone else faring this lovely cold and flu season?

Friday, November 6, 2009

up and up? more like down and down!

Ok, I know, cryptic title ....for some, unless you shop at Target a lot perhaps.

I purchased a crate/carton/big huge box of Target brand baby wipes a little while back - the new branding is called "up and up" - whatever - anyway, I just have to give them a big thumbs down.

I don't know about you, but a wiggly 9 mo. old who likes to flip over on her stomach the minute I put her on the bed for a diaper change combined w/these wipes is a disaster.

1. They are NOT "1 hand user friendly"
2. The "resealable" sticker thing-a-ma-bob - what a pain - see #1
3. The wipes are so well "connected" that you practically have to fling the package across the room w/your one free hand to try and get just one wipe at a time - argh.

You may have seen blog posts entitled "Works for me Wednesday"...?

Well, this one falls under "Fails for me Friday"

Just thought you might want to know before you buy such a gigantic box of these things and are stuck in the "I must use them up before I buy another brand" situation that I am. I will be going back to the Sam's Club ones I was buying, I think.

What about you? What "Fails for you Friday"?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I never thought I'd hear or say at the dinner table....

CKB - "Mr. A, get that piece of plate out of your hair."

CAB - "Mr. A, take that back to your room....swords do not belong at the table."