Thursday, November 12, 2009

more sickness....

Well, it seems since the beginning of October, at least, that someone has been sick.

At present, we are done with breathing treatments for Miss Baby and Mr. A - at the dr. office today (yes, we were there again - I joked that we should just rent a room, har har...har...) - the dr. kindly listened to both Mr. A and Miss Baby and said they were both "crystal clear" - Praise God!

Now, there is still the occasional cough from both of them and Miss Baby's nose, well, it's still a bit runny...but we're on the upswing...I think.

Miss A and Mr. E seem to be pretty much over the mess as well - Praise God!

Miss E, though, apparently didn't want to feel left out and came home with a diagnosis of an ear infection in one ear and bronchitis - argh.

So, we continue on...and continue to pray for good health and for all of this to clear up before Thanksgiving....and nothing new to beset us healthwise.

How's everyone else faring this lovely cold and flu season?

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Lok said...

Blugh! I'm so sorry!