Monday, November 23, 2009

Since when?

Since when did children get the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school? I know we didn't when I was in school....ah well. Well, the schools in our neck of the woods appear to - as is evidenced by the 10 or so young boys playing ball in the neighborhood this afternoon!

We, on the other hand, continued with school this week - I know, mean me, right? No, we missed a week back when I was sick, re-mem-ber????? So we're continuing on this week until we head off for a Thanksgiving road trip - fun fun!

Anyway - we're free of sickness at the moment and very thankful.

Been too busy to blog lately - I know, y'all have missed it so much, right? Ha ha.

Miss Baby has been verbalizing more and more - she uttered her first genuine "ma-ma!" in the car over the weekend - she was tired of being in her carseat and had been fussing and it culminated in a loud cry for help - "Ma-ma!!!!" - melted my heart of course, and made me sad at the same time since I couldn't stop and just pull her out of the carseat and hold her at that moment - sigh - nothing like those first times a baby says "mama" or "dada" :)

Well, I don't have much time right now either - laundry mountain beckons....why do I always have a mountain of laundry right before a trip?? and feel the need to get it down to a small hill before we leave? And, why do the children wear their best, unstained clothes the days before we leave? I guess in future I need to pack 2 weeks out and snatch all the "nice" clothes straight out of the dryer so they never have a chance to be worn before the'll never happen, nevermind.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Lepidoptera said...

I am tackling Laundry Mountain today too and know that as soon as it is reduced in size to a mere hill it will rise again in no time. Thank God for washers and dryers. :-)

We are so glad that everyone is well and hope to stay that way ourselves. This is a school week for us too, but we will take some time off at week's end.

Lok said...

We had school yesterday and today also! Still trying to make up for the slower schedule in September ourselves. But, like you said, we went to school for two days on Thanksgiving week back in the day! (They all get off for the whole week here, now, as well).

Have a safe trip!

W. Latane Barton said...

Have a very happy Thanksgiving and a safe trip. Your household is just teeming with blessings... love those little kiddos.

The Tile Lady said...

The children all look so precious! What wonderful blessings you have! I know they didn't mind the extra time for school since you missed that week being sick, and I bet they are thrilled with their Thanksgiving trip! Happiness to you all, and blessings always!