Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prayers needed for a dear family - please read

Please take a moment to read about what is happening in my friend Heather's family and then pray and pray some more.

I grew up with Heather and her family - her younger sister was my age and Heather was my sister's age. We were all in Girl Scouts together. We lost touch for many years, but in recent years have been blessed to rekindle those friendships of days gone by.

Heather and her husband have 4 beautiful children. The eldest, Mikaela, I remember as a little 2 or 3 year old at a wedding shower years ago - that was the last time I saw her. Now, she is enduring a great trial as are her family. The doctors are trying to help it appears and I pray for wisdom for them.

Please take time to read Heather's latest update, go back through the last few posts as well to see where you can specifically be praying for this dear family and remember them in prayer every time they come to mind.


Thank you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

One of those weird days....

Do you ever have one of those weird days where unusual things keep happening?

Like, your hair clip breaks because it can't take holding all of your hair up any longer - don't know how many I've had break like this.....

Then, the hairbrush you bought not too long ago on a trip because you forgot to bring yours along, breaks in half....yes, in half...right after the hair clip broke?


Then, you watch as gravity and a slippery poolside claim the dignity of one of your children as they run/trot/don't walk around the edge of the pool...said child gets up rubbing back of head and continues on unscathed...thank God for that!

Later, back in the "safety" of your own home again, 2 children sit on the patio looking through a plastic tray that was used to carry veggie plants awhile back and still hasn't been tossed...then one child pushes it toward the other and then the other pushes it back resulting in a cut lip......

Then, just after that, 2 children merrily run out toward the back of the yard only to have one of them hop, skip, and jump back toward you screaming because somehow in their barefoot state they stubbed the end of their toe in a hole of dirt (because it hasn't rained in ages and we have cracks in the yard now) and this child has a dirty, bloody toenail to show for his glee in running around?

Well, it's been one of those weird days around here :)

Some weeks are busier than others....

Somehow this week has gotten a lot busier than I thought it would be.

I signed the older 4 children up for swim lessons - that will be every day this week. We still have piano lessons on Wednesday. A church meeting coming up this weekend. Company during the meeting as well.

On top of those things, this is the week we resume school since we've been on hiatus for a few months during the moving/unpacking/trying to settle in phase of things.

This morning we began - new schedules were drawn up - books located - pencils sharpened and so on and so forth...and we begin...somewhere along the way laundry and dishes will hopefully get done as well as a bit of straightening up before company comes.

Is your week busy too?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Decorating Continues...

Some progress has been made since this:

Decorating Begins!


Still looking...

In the way of this:




and the third wasn't pictured on the website, but is turquoise.

They look very cute in the girls' bathroom and we're nearing completion on the decorating efforts in there!

When it's all done, pictures will be shared, of course!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silly Sayings

When I was putting Miss Baby down for her nap yesterday, the fan in her room was blowing my hair onto her face - she leaned back and said "Hair...Silly...Mama"    :)

At Half Price Book Sunday afternoon, Mr. A brought a book for me to look at - I asked him what it was about...he started to tell me, then said "Just check it out"  and walked back over to look at some more books.  Ha ha ha. Funny coming from an adorable litlte 4 year old voice!

Yesterday, Miss Baby began saying "Mama" with a teen-like attitude - it's more like "Ma-uh-ma!" - hard to explain, I neeeeed to get it recorded - she is soooo funny. She also will shake her head so hard when saying "no" that she practically topples over! She is a mess and is showing forth more and more of her sweet little personality these days!

We've been trying to figure out what Miss Baby is saying lately - she repeats it often throughout the day and it sounds kind of like "Narnia"  ;)  when she was getting upset about getting down from her high chair I encouraged her, as I always do, to say "Down, please" - she repeated and guess what...it was the "Narnia" sounding word she's been saying - well, good grief, of course we should've known!  ;)  So cute to hear her talking more and more each day.

The boys have taught Miss Baby to say "Daddy-o" - too funny!

The boys have also taught Miss Baby to say "Mario" and "Luigi" - "Luigi" usually sounds more like "Wuigi", but hey, it's close! They were trying to teach her to say "Yoshi" the other day in the car. :)
more to come, I'm sure....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Daddy of our 5 fabulous blessings!

CKB had a great Father's Day yesterday...at least I think he did...hmm...

It started off with coffee and doughnuts - breakfast in bed, no less, served by the 4 older children :)

Then, they bombarded their Daddy with his gifts - 4 new T-shirts - I guess they thought he needed some new shirts to wear around the house - ha ha - no pics of these/this, but there was one that was a Nintendo shirt (he wore that one later in the day to play a Wii game w/the children - a Dr. Pepper shirt because I guess he's a "Pepper" whatever that means....hmm, #1 Dad, because he sure is! and a new Aggie shirt, because he needed a new one! Whew! Just what I needed, more laundry...thanks guys!

We had wonderful services at Farmersville and then took CKB out for lunch at Applebee's - food was good and we splurged on a yummy dessert for CKB (he shared w/us - what a guy!)

Here's the crew right before leaving for the church house yesterday morning....note the curly girls - they wanted me to put their hair in curlers, so I did.....so pretty :)

Here's CKB enjoying his "early" Father's Day present a few weekends ago :)

Hope all of you Father's had a wonderful Father's Day - especially my Dad and CKB's Dad! We love y'all!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Miss Baby

It's been a while since Miss Baby had her own post -

This past Memorial Day, I took pictures in our flag shirts as usual, but was not happy w/them and...well, that day has come and gone.

Instead, I will share a few pictures of Miss Baby after the picture taking was over, playing on her own, and with her Daddy...because, well, Father's Day *is* coming up soon after all, so why not?!

I think her brothers have been rubbing off on her!

Miss Baby - "Gotcha!"  "Now, who is responsible for yon dirty sock?"

"Uh oh, it wasn't Daddy's...I better make him something good to make up for stabbing him!"

"Here Daddy, this will make you ALL better!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Around the house the past few days....

As you can probably imagine, or if you can't, you'll soon see, a lot goes on over the course of just a few days...even a few hours provide fodder for much conversation, but this post will encompass a few days, just so you know.

I came upon this sight one day after sneaking away for a few mn. to do something....the boys apparently were having a field day with their Daddy's shoes!

Mr. E looks on as Mr. A exclaims "Look at me, I can fit into Daddy's shoes!"

Mr. E fondly patting Mr. A on the head...."Sure, sure, you can."


The elusive ducks that we've seen a few times behind the house were out the other night - I ran for the camera and made it back in time to get a few shots as they ran...er...swam for their lives. The first shot is "misty" because it was so lovely, I mean, humid, that my lens instantly fogged up - kind of looks neat though, doesn't it..?

"Quack, whew it's hot out here...wait, what's that lady doing? Swim!"

"That's right, stay close!"

"Now, where to go......she's still over there w/that THING...that....camera!"

"Look over there...we can hide there...hurry!"

"We're almost there....."

"Whew! We made it - get in there, quick....don't look back, she's STILL watching us!"

:) I need a better zoom lens!


And when you need to take a quick trip, climb aboard and Thomas will get you there, or maybe your brother! Miss A and Miss Baby look up at me as if to say...."Mama!!! We're riding here!" - well!


Mama - "You do know that's a FIREplace, don't you?"

Miss Baby - "Doesn't everyone sit on the edge of the fireplace, Mama? What IS a fireplace, anyway? This chair was just the right height for me!"


Caught on film/media card the other day....now wait...where's Miss E?

Ah....she found a quieter place withOUT an audience :)

And lastly....


Merry - "Why does this girl insist upon picking us up ALLLL the time....doesn't she know we can walk?

Pippin - "Yes, I know, but she is pretty cute, so I guess we'll just have to tolerate her."

Merry - "I suppose, but I'm getting kind of hungry."

Never a dull moment!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Baby = Sweetness!

A few nights ago when putting Miss Baby to bed, she was leaning against me w/her head at my shoulder when she leaned a little away from me to look at me...she had such a serious face...then she leaned over and tried to give me a kiss for the first time...on the lips....ha ha...it was the sweetest thing. I encouraged her to kiss my cheek, she looked again at me very seriously and tried again for my mouth - she is a most incredibly sweet little girl!

She tried again today, this time for my cheek - an open lipped slobbery kiss from the sweetest little baby you can imagine.  Sigh.

Tonight when I put her to bed, as I laid her into the crib, I said "night night" - tonight, she replied "night night" with a precious smile. What a doll. A few nights back she was lying on the bed in her room as I changed her diaper and got her pjs on when CKB came in to say goodnight - as he left, I told her to tell Daddy "night night" - as he was closing the door, she said "night night" and waved in that adorable backward wave way that babies do when they're little.....our hearts were mush and continue to be so most of the time around this precious little girl!

Wonderful memories!

Gone Fishin'

Last Saturday we finally made good on our promise to take the children fishing.

After picking up a few supplies the evening before at our friendly, neighborhood Wal-mart, we embarked fairly early Saturday morning to a State Park for our fishing expedition. We haven't visited this State Park before and while we only went to a tiny section of it, we enjoyed our visit and plan to return again.

We found a "Kid Fishing Pond" for 16 and under w/parent assistance allowed in the area and thought it was the perfect spot to give the children a try at fishing that day. This was not the first experience they'd had with fishing, but it has been a little while.

Miss Baby doesn't look too happy here - maybe she knows *she* isn't going to be fishing today...poor girl!

Preparations ensued....

Miss Baby was entertained....

...and soon they were off and fishing...

Miss E ....

Miss A on the pier wondering when her fish would come in...

Mr. E getting some last minute coaching from his Daddy...

and Mr. A who fishes with much style....here's the windup.....

Often returning for help w/tangled lines or to get a new worm...yes, I helped put the worms on...as a mother of 5, it doesn't pay to be squeamish!

Here they are on the pier - I walked around to the other side w/Miss Baby in the stroller....

After a while here on the pier and surrounding areas, we moved to the other side of the pond....that's when the excitement started!

Fish # 1 was caught by...uh...Miss Baby, yes, that's right, because parents are only to assist, remember? And, well, I was assisting her....

Don't worry, it was too small to keep anyway!

Then, shortly thereafter, fish #2 was caught by Miss A!

Again, too small to keep, but what a thrill for Miss A to catch her first fish ever! Yay!

Then, as we were getting ready to leave.....fish #3 to a VERY excited Mr. E! His first fish to catch ever!

Does his Daddy look proud or what? :) Great job, Mr. E! Too small to keep, but that's ok :)

Then we began the walk back to the car and what's this? Wild blackberries? Hooray! We paused for a few mn. here.....

Picked a few for Miss Baby to enjoy - everyone else picked a few on their own :)

and then the rest of the walk back to the parking lot/van....(imagine music from "The Andy Griffith Show" here)

The ride home was pretty quiet....

Leaving the park....

and, finally, back at home - Miss Baby was glad to be released from the stroller/carseat....

All in all, a fantastic day w/the children. 2 of the 5 caught their own fish for the first time - yay! Everyone enjoyed the day...it wasn't TOO hot even though it was very hot...shade helped a lot...the girls got to pet a horse in the parking lot when we trekked up to the bathrooms...wild blackberries...no one else out there for most of the time we were there...and only one mishap w/a hook that thankfully wasn't too bad. Whew! I think we'll be going again soon...but this time....not only will I bring the sunscreen (no one got a sunburn!), but I will be getting some bug spray...we brought home one thing we didn't intend.....CHIGGERS. Soooo glad I didn't let Miss Baby out of the stroller while we were out there - I can't stand the thought of her being eaten up by those horrid bugs. I guess the children moved around more than CKB and I because we got the worst of them, but that's ok.  :) It was a great day :)

Did you know...it's National Iced Tea Day?

Who knew?

Now, enjoy this little diddy....some day I'll figure out why it's being chopped off on the right and I can't get it to resize - ugh.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby girl

Our baby girl is looking so big these days - she was playing on the floor w/Miss A and the kittens this morning and it hit me that I need to just keep my camera on hand ALL the time because she (and all the children, for that matter!) are growing up before my eyes....boo hoo!

Here's our precious little Miss!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still looking....

The search continues for bath mats that will work in the girls' bathroom - we're looking for PINK to match the shower curtain as closely as possible - no larger than 30" wide (or 1 bath runner that's 60" wide)....seen any?

Here are a few things I've run across and considered...


Not sure if the flower motif would go w/the shower curtain very well though....


this is a bit brighter/more hot pink than I had in mind, but it's 20x30.... (but the price...ouch! I need 2 of them!)


again, not the shade of pink, but the right size....argh!

then there was this one (sorry the others are all links, but I couldn't get the images to allow me to get a direct link to pull in the pictures!)

Not pink, but kind of the same theme....might be too much - which is why I was looking for solid pink....sigh.

So, I continue to search...and wonder....why on earth does the following even exist...?????


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Decorating Begins!

I am not quite sure how it happened, except maybe a product of necessity - what am I talking about? Well, the decorating of this new house, of course!

The girls' bathroom needed a shower curtain and therefore it appears to be the first room in the house to be decorated in any sort of way....

Here is the shower curtain:

Now, that is not a picture of it in their bathroom, but a picture from the Wal-mart website.

So...now the next task at hand is to get bathmats - the girls have a double sink that measures approx. 60" wide. I looked at Wal-mart today and the only bath mats in any of the brands they carry come in 2 sizes - 21" x 34" and 34" x 40" - neither of these will work. A shame because they had the perfect color(s). Sigh.

So, I came home w/groceries instead of the bath mats we went hoping to procure today and I began searching online for options - my first stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond's site - didn't find much there and nothing in other sizes either - started to be concerned that we would not be able to find anything w/a max width of 30" and that whatever we got was going to look ridiculous b/c it wouldn't fit. I guess I was easily discouraged - SHAME ON ME - continued looking, for some reason I had a tab open on my browser for Macy's, you know I go there *all* the time, ha ha, and I looked there and was happy to find some mats that were 30" wide - HOPE REKINDLED - and now I have been searching on a lot of different sites and there are OPTIONS - hooray - MAYBE TOO MANY!  So, I will let you know when I decide on something.

I have NEVER truly done much decorating and have a bit of a spirit of fear about this - I want it to look nice, I don't want it to be overdone, I want it to look like someone who knew what they were doing, did it....anyone who has ooodles of free time and wants to offer up ideas/thoughts/suggestions, they are all welcome - thanks!

Anyway....we'll see how it all turns out....and if I ever get to the rest of the house - at this rate, one small bathroom is taking a bit longer than I expected, but then when you go shopping w/5 helpers, sometimes one store takes so long, you can't bear to go to another - especially in the TX heat that has beset us!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kitty Update!

 The  crew and I took the kittens to the vet this morning - checkup went fine - both are boys. Poor Merry, having to go through life w/everyone thinking his name is "Mary" - oh well - maybe we'll just call him Meriadoc Brandybuck all the time.....nah.

Both weigh under 3 lbs. - weird to think about!

Both look great healthwise, had fleas - oh joy, now I itch every time I think about it, but they were given some sort of pill at the vet that was supposed to kill any fleas living on them, also have Frontline for preventative and bought some spray to hopefully make sure we don't have a big problem erupting in the house - sigh - I plan to spray it around tomorrow before we leave for piano - you're supposed to "leave the area for 1 hr. after application" -fun!

They both have worms - LOVE-LY - so I get to give them some medicine for 3 days a week each of the next 4 weeks....now how is a person who can't even remember to take vitamins supposed to remember that? Oh well, we'll do our best and the children will remind me - they're young and have a more elastic brain/memory than their dear ol' mama.

The vet we went to was ok...might try another one for the booster shots, but will see how things go w/the weigh ins each week for 4 weeks...did I not mention that? I have to take them in each Monday to check their weights so their dosage on the wormer medication can be adjusted.....fun!

All in all, things went well. The kittens are doing fine - the children enjoyed seeing the goats and birds and toad and fish and...well, you get the picture...it *was* a veterinarian's office after all....today and now the kittens are in their room and the children are all in bed.