Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silly Sayings

When I was putting Miss Baby down for her nap yesterday, the fan in her room was blowing my hair onto her face - she leaned back and said "Hair...Silly...Mama"    :)

At Half Price Book Sunday afternoon, Mr. A brought a book for me to look at - I asked him what it was about...he started to tell me, then said "Just check it out"  and walked back over to look at some more books.  Ha ha ha. Funny coming from an adorable litlte 4 year old voice!

Yesterday, Miss Baby began saying "Mama" with a teen-like attitude - it's more like "Ma-uh-ma!" - hard to explain, I neeeeed to get it recorded - she is soooo funny. She also will shake her head so hard when saying "no" that she practically topples over! She is a mess and is showing forth more and more of her sweet little personality these days!

We've been trying to figure out what Miss Baby is saying lately - she repeats it often throughout the day and it sounds kind of like "Narnia"  ;)  when she was getting upset about getting down from her high chair I encouraged her, as I always do, to say "Down, please" - she repeated and guess what...it was the "Narnia" sounding word she's been saying - well, good grief, of course we should've known!  ;)  So cute to hear her talking more and more each day.

The boys have taught Miss Baby to say "Daddy-o" - too funny!

The boys have also taught Miss Baby to say "Mario" and "Luigi" - "Luigi" usually sounds more like "Wuigi", but hey, it's close! They were trying to teach her to say "Yoshi" the other day in the car. :)
more to come, I'm sure....

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