Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Daddy of our 5 fabulous blessings!

CKB had a great Father's Day least I think he did...hmm...

It started off with coffee and doughnuts - breakfast in bed, no less, served by the 4 older children :)

Then, they bombarded their Daddy with his gifts - 4 new T-shirts - I guess they thought he needed some new shirts to wear around the house - ha ha - no pics of these/this, but there was one that was a Nintendo shirt (he wore that one later in the day to play a Wii game w/the children - a Dr. Pepper shirt because I guess he's a "Pepper" whatever that means....hmm, #1 Dad, because he sure is! and a new Aggie shirt, because he needed a new one! Whew! Just what I needed, more laundry...thanks guys!

We had wonderful services at Farmersville and then took CKB out for lunch at Applebee's - food was good and we splurged on a yummy dessert for CKB (he shared w/us - what a guy!)

Here's the crew right before leaving for the church house yesterday morning....note the curly girls - they wanted me to put their hair in curlers, so I pretty :)

Here's CKB enjoying his "early" Father's Day present a few weekends ago :)

Hope all of you Father's had a wonderful Father's Day - especially my Dad and CKB's Dad! We love y'all!

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