Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Baby = Sweetness!

A few nights ago when putting Miss Baby to bed, she was leaning against me w/her head at my shoulder when she leaned a little away from me to look at me...she had such a serious face...then she leaned over and tried to give me a kiss for the first time...on the lips....ha was the sweetest thing. I encouraged her to kiss my cheek, she looked again at me very seriously and tried again for my mouth - she is a most incredibly sweet little girl!

She tried again today, this time for my cheek - an open lipped slobbery kiss from the sweetest little baby you can imagine.  Sigh.

Tonight when I put her to bed, as I laid her into the crib, I said "night night" - tonight, she replied "night night" with a precious smile. What a doll. A few nights back she was lying on the bed in her room as I changed her diaper and got her pjs on when CKB came in to say goodnight - as he left, I told her to tell Daddy "night night" - as he was closing the door, she said "night night" and waved in that adorable backward wave way that babies do when they're little.....our hearts were mush and continue to be so most of the time around this precious little girl!

Wonderful memories!


W. Latane Barton said...

How precious!! Little ones can sure steal your heart away. I have two great-grandbabies on the way and can't wait until I can cuddle them.

Lepidoptera said...

Awwwwwww! That reminds me some of our little one's first kisses. Those are good memories!