Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need I say more? Cub Scouts!

Not much I could say here - the expressions on these faces pretty much sum it up!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss Baby Likes to Sing!

Miss Baby is quite the singer these days - when I sing to her at bedtime some favorites such as "What Wondrous Love is This" she sings along "Oh my soul, Oh my soul, Oh my soul" throughout the song. "Twilight is Stealing over the Sea" - she sings along pretty well at naptime on this one as  well.
Also, some oldies but goodies like: The Itsy Itsy Fider, Rock the Baby and Variations such as "Rock the Baby on the Hippo" (or whatever other animal we read about in "Wild Animal Babies", Ween-tle Ween-tle Little Star, and more!  We love Miss Baby so much!!! She is precious :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Untitled, by Miss E

Untitled, by Miss E

Why dost some birds not fly?
They were created by God,
To stay down, not in the sky.
For such things were they shod.
Why dost some birds not land,
'cept in the chimneytops?
They were not at all created
Like the little bird that hops.

copyright 2011, Miss E, age 10

Monday, March 14, 2011

I saw them!

Just barely, but I saw them! What, you ask? Not leprechauns, silly, BLUEBONNETS!

Barely showing their beauty above the grass, today I spotted some along the highway - joy of spring! I look forward to the wildflowers each year - their beauty covers the countryside and I am filled w/joy at the beauty of God's hand - not Mother Nature as so many continue to uphold this fable, but of GOD'S mighty hand. That He would allow us their beauty! - what will Heaven be like? Untold beauty for us to behold as we praise His Holy name every moment.

They bloom for such a short time, but I'll endeavor to enjoy them every moment and not take them for granted as I drive about the countryside or better yet, walk, stroll, meander, drinking in their beautiful perfume - oh yes, they do have a lovely perfume - find a field of bluebonnets and wander out into it if you doubt me. Lovely lovely lovely.

I saw them, today! They're coming in their full beauty very soon and I can't wait to see them standing tall along the highways!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss Baby needs an "O" - do you?

A little bit ago Miss Baby handed me her sippy cup and said "I need an O"  - I asked her what she needed...she answered again, "I need an O, Mama, I need an O" - it was then that I realized she was pointing to the package of reinforcement labels I was about to put away. You know those things, right, the little "O" shaped stickers you put on pages that you've hole punched that have become torn at the holes and need reinforcing w/the little stickers?  :)  I had given her one earlier, and apparently she'd misplaced it. Upon seeing the package, she made sure I knew she needed another "O"  - I laughed and gave her one...then another....she is now decorating the front of the oven...hmm.   :)  She's so much fun!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update on brother-in-law

I am happy to report that my brother-in-law is doing much better! He isn't out of the woods yet, as they say, but at approximately a month post-surgery, he started back to work 1/2 days this past Monday. He still has lots of doctor visits to keep an eye on him and his progress, and the hope of a successful 2nd surgery in approximately 16 weeks. Please continue in prayer for him during this time of recovery.

The past few weeks have been hard on the whole family, as you may well imagine. Our parents have been able to be there to help my sister w/the children and duties around the house (for those who don't know, my sister and her family live on approx. 3 acres and have goats, chickens, dog, cat, etc. to care for). They also homeschool their 3 children, in addition to various extra activities. My sister is tired and worn out - she needs our prayers now more than ever - Dad is heading home tomorrow. Mom is staying on for a little while longer and I'm so thankful for that.

Please continue to pray for the family - the children are all sick again (2nd time recently, that I'm aware of) and there's always so much to do, as they try to find their new "norm" in the days and weeks to come.

Thank you!!  Anyone that wishes to send a card or email w/encouraging words, holler in the comments and I'll get the info. to you!