Monday, March 14, 2011

I saw them!

Just barely, but I saw them! What, you ask? Not leprechauns, silly, BLUEBONNETS!

Barely showing their beauty above the grass, today I spotted some along the highway - joy of spring! I look forward to the wildflowers each year - their beauty covers the countryside and I am filled w/joy at the beauty of God's hand - not Mother Nature as so many continue to uphold this fable, but of GOD'S mighty hand. That He would allow us their beauty! - what will Heaven be like? Untold beauty for us to behold as we praise His Holy name every moment.

They bloom for such a short time, but I'll endeavor to enjoy them every moment and not take them for granted as I drive about the countryside or better yet, walk, stroll, meander, drinking in their beautiful perfume - oh yes, they do have a lovely perfume - find a field of bluebonnets and wander out into it if you doubt me. Lovely lovely lovely.

I saw them, today! They're coming in their full beauty very soon and I can't wait to see them standing tall along the highways!

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Heather said...

Bluebonnets, you know they don't grow here. enjoy some for me:)