Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Monday, January 1, 2001

My Kitchen - the Mess of Moving and not knowing where to put things yet -- ack!

Ok, so here we are - the kitchen - help! In the top picture - you see the sink- across the top of there/opening is where the dining room/eating area/table is. On the other side of the "wall" from the dishwasher we have one of those water cooler thingamabobs b/c there just isn't anywhere in the actual kitchen to put it - weird.

Here is the fridge we ended up getting for those who followed that tale recently on Loose Threads....the door to the left of the fridge/set of 3 cabinets is to the laundry room/pantry shelves. That is probably the thing about this house I dislike the most - I prefer the pantry to be separate, too much humidity in there from the CONSTANTLY running washer/dryer, but anyway, so I had thought to use these cabinets to the left of the fridge as pantry/food storage maybe....I just don't know.....help!

A desperate cry b/c I would not be thrilled for people to see my kitchen looking like this...but here I am, showing it to the world...I must really need help, eh? :)

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