Monday, January 1, 2001

My Kitchen - the Mess of Moving and not knowing where to put things yet -- ack!

Ok, so here we are - the kitchen - help! In the top picture - you see the sink- across the top of there/opening is where the dining room/eating area/table is. On the other side of the "wall" from the dishwasher we have one of those water cooler thingamabobs b/c there just isn't anywhere in the actual kitchen to put it - weird.

Here is the fridge we ended up getting for those who followed that tale recently on Loose Threads....the door to the left of the fridge/set of 3 cabinets is to the laundry room/pantry shelves. That is probably the thing about this house I dislike the most - I prefer the pantry to be separate, too much humidity in there from the CONSTANTLY running washer/dryer, but anyway, so I had thought to use these cabinets to the left of the fridge as pantry/food storage maybe....I just don't!

A desperate cry b/c I would not be thrilled for people to see my kitchen looking like this...but here I am, showing it to the world...I must really need help, eh? :)


Sheri Payne said...

In looking at the pictures, I would put the glasses in the upper cabinet next to the fridge, and all the spices/oils/etc. in the uppers to the right of the stove.

I would probably end up doing all my food prep on the counter to the left of the stove, so I would put all my serving dishes in the uppers, mixing/serving utensils in the drawers, and tupperware in the lowers in that area. If you decide to do prep work in another area, those upper cabinets would be a good place for dishes, because it looks like it is the closest to your dining area. Otherwise I would put the dishes next to the glasses.

I would use the pantry for most of my food storage, especially if it has shallow open shelves, because it is much easier to see and reach things on those types of shelves. You could also put some foods in the lower cabinets next to the fridge. I would use the lower cabinets to the left of the sink for small appliances.

Lok said...

Maybe keep cans-n-things in the "real" pantry and things with boxes in the shelves? I dunno. Probably best to give yourself "permission" to make changes until you figure out what works best. I know you don't have tons of time to constantly rearrange pantry storage, but you'll need to live with the house for awhile to figure out what you really need!

Pam said...

I do what Sheri (on TLT) does and put things as close as possible to where they are going to be used (spices, oven mitts, and pots and pans by stove, plastic dishes down low so the dc can set the table, glasses by the sink and dishwasher, etc). If it were me I think I'd start by storing extra paper products and canned goods in the pantry and then see how the humidity affects them (such as extra T.P., paper towels, etc. The canned goods should do fine in there). I would probably keep dried beans and pasta and cereal and bread in the cupboards by the fridge. It's so much work to organize a kitchen, but it's also FUN, so have fun!!