Thursday, December 6, 2012

First Silhouette Project - finally!

Well, here we are...almost to Christmas and over the past few weeks I finally started learning to use my Christmas present from last year. I know, I know, for shame. The present...a Silhouette Cameo...patiently waiting in its box for me to get it out and give it a whirl. It was past time.

Well, things have been busy, what can I say.

Here's what I decided to do for my first project. With five children, you'd think just getting everyone their own cup color would be enough, right? Well, not around here...the cups kept getting put here, there, and yonder, and then the question of "is this cup clean?" inevitably came up... So, a while back I found a drawer organizer "tray" at Target that was just the right size to corral those cups. What's the old saying...a place for everything and everything in its place? If only this was happening in the rest of the house...

So, I jazzed it up a bit this morning and added some vinyl!

Here's the end result - what do you think?  All of those cups hang out daily in the corral, and no more missing/lost cups.  :)

Now that I have the hang of my Silhouette Cameo, it's time to get working on some other projects I've been dreaming up over the past...ahem...year. At least I made something before this Christmas, right?  :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

Grapes were on sale last week, so I picked up a few bunches. Little did I know, there would be quite a few sour ones in the bunch.

After eating one such sour grape, Mr. A declared, "The sour grapes make my mouth feel like an old man."

Love that boy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Staples, you are a friend of mine

Well, here I am again to sing the praises of Staples and their superb customer service.

I went to get a few things today, and after I got home went right to the computer to fill out my easyrebates online before I forgot to do them!

While on the website, I decided to go check out my Staples Rewards account and noticed on my 7/29 transactions that only half of my 2 pocket folder purchases were credited under the "rewards" column. Now, mind you, that's a grand total of $.10  but you know what..I was curious. So, I got on live chat to ask. They said I needed to call the Rewards center and talk to them, and provided the phone number, so I did. The woman I spoke to was great, looked up my account and found the transactions I was referring to, and saw the discrepancies, then said, well, that would be a total of $.10, right? I said yes, and that I knew it was just $.10, but it adds up, so I wanted to find out why it didn't credit correctly. She said, well, how about I send you a $1.00 coupon to use in the store? I said, "Sure" and she said that it would be on its way and arrive at my house soon. Wow!  If I wasn't already impressed, I would be now.

Already impressed? Yes...wanna know why? When I started my Back to School Shopping back a few weeks ago, the guy in the store that day signed me up for the wrong Rewards card, a regular one, instead of a Teacher card, even after I'd told him that was what I needed. Add to that the fact that he said I should go to the website to fill in my info. like phone number, etc. because "It'd be more accurate" if I did it that way. I didn't question it because it wasn't a big deal to me.  Fast forward to the next time I'm in the store, I had gone to the website to fill in my info. whereupon I saw that I had been signed up for a regular card, not a teacher card. So, I opened a Teacher card online, and wrote down the number so I'd have it the next time I went to the store. In the following weeks, they never could pull up my account w/my phone number like they should've been able to and I think I know why, because of the two accounts. Well, after a few weeks passed, I decided to look at my "rewards summary" and see how much I'd been credited thus far by making purchases and using my card, it wasn't much b/c mostly I'm shopping the sales and extreme deals, but it was beginning to add up. I did notice though that my very first transaction was missing...yes, the one the day I got the "regular" card. So, after a quick online chat, I called the Rewards center to see what I could see. The customer service agent that day was very pleasant as well. I explained about the regular card, the guy at the store wanting me to fill things in at home, me checking and finding I hadn't been given a Teacher card, the whole sha-bang. She listened, then gave me my options. Basically the best thing would be to close the regular account, but the transaction that I'd made the day I got the regular card could not be "moved" to the Teacher card. Sad me. I expressed my disappointment at this fact, and asked if there was anything that could be done in that regard, she said no, once a receipt/transaction is "attached" to a card, it doesn't matter if the card/account is closed or not, the transaction cannot be put onto another card. Bummer. Then, the customer service agent said, how about I send you a Rewards coupon for $5 for your trouble and to cover the amount you should've received w/the receipt we can't put on your Teacher card?  I have to say I was thrilled because she and I both knew that the credit would've only been a small amount....I can't recall right now, but I don't know that it was even a whole dollar. I was "wow-ed" and have been again today.

I highly recommend Staples. They offer many great deals and I really like that they have REBATES, checks mailed to you, or put into your paypal account, not a program where you can only use the monies in their store in the distant future. And, I have already received three notices that my rebates are on their way from a few weeks back! So, if you haven't already, check out Staples! They're having some great deals and check out my previous post about how I am doing a few extra transactions if I have a few of my children along to help out...hey, they're the ones using all these supplies, right? And, to be quite frank, they like helping and making a purchase "on their own" as I oversee to make sure everything is going smoothly.   :)

Happy shopping! And, go to Staples!

**Not that anyone would think I was, but just in case, I am NOT paid to endorse Staples, I'm just a very happy customer!**

People of Walmart

Have you heard about the website entitled "People of Walmart"? A friend told me about it a few years ago and I was not surprised to see a few frightening images there of folks that apparently had their picture taken in the midst of their Walmart shopping trips. I did fear at first that there might be one of me on there w/my "MOM" face or something, but boy was I in for a surprise as to what it really was all about. 

Fast forward to at Walmart w/my youngest, age 3, looking at the clearance rack of boys' clothes and half noticing a woman w/her children across the rack, but not paying them too much attention until Little Miss asks right out loud in her sweet voice..."Mama, why does that lady have that all over her?"

Me - "What?" as I glance across at the woman again, trying to figure out what Little Miss might be referring to. I noticed a few things it could be...sequins on shirt...anyway, back to Little Miss..."I don't know honey" as we moved away w/our cart Little Miss decides it's time to clarify and says "those needles, Mama, why does she have THOSE?"

I was glad to be moving away at this point, but again answered her that I had no idea. The woman in question was sporting two facial piercings....I too wonder why on earth she had "those needles" on her face.

Out of the mouths of babes ;)

Monday, July 30, 2012

$12.58 for a ton of School supplies at Staples for 2012 - 2013 school year - great deals!

This year, I've been keeping up with the school supply deals at Staples each week. Items for a penny? Well, it caught my eye, that's for sure!

Here's a run down of my purchases for this week....I had 4 separate transactions this time. My sweet boys and youngest girl were along, so we had 4 customers to do these deals. Hope it's helpful to someone...I know it's going to be such a blessing to us to get all these supplies for such a small amount!

This is all from the current ad that began yesterday.


4 BIC mechanical pencils - $.25 ea.                         $1.00
3 Roseart colored pencils - $1 ea.                           $3.00
4 Prang Assorted/White Chalk - $.25 ea.                $1.00

Subtotal of $5 to get the 1 cent items:

2 paperclip 100 pk ($.01 ea. w/$5 purchase)            $.02    (limit of 2)
10 2pkt. folders w/fasteners ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)   $.10    (limit of 10)
6 HomeSelect Pocket Tissues ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)  $.06    (limit of 6)

Subtotal of $5.18
Coupon in Sunday paper: $1 off purchase of 3 RoseArt items    -$1.00

Subtotal $4.18
Tax      $ .34
TOTAL    $4.52

TRANSACTION #2 - identical to #1  (I got the bundle of 2 Sun. papers so I had 2 of the RoseArt coupons)

TOTAL   $4.52


1 Ream Staples printer paper                                       $6.99  (met my $5 min. right there)

2 paperclip 100 pk ($.01 ea. w/$5 purchase)                 $.02    (limit of 2)
10 2pkt. folders w/fasteners ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)       $.10    (limit of 10)
6 HomeSelect Pocket Tissues ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)     $.06    (limit of 6)

Total w/tax:  $7.76
EasyRebate (you can do this online - super easy - get a check mailed, have it deposited into a paypal account, whatever.)  -$5.99
TOTAL after rebate:  $1.77

TRANSACTION $4 - identical to #3 (limit of 2 rebates per household, btw)

TOTAL after rebate: $1.77


So, there you have it. Feel free to check my math, I didn't get enough sleep last night, LOL, and told a few friends about my deals with my before tax total ;)  Ah well.   Now, I just can't wait 'til next week's ad :)

Happy shopping!
If I'd caught the 2 BIC coupons in my papers, I'd have used those on the BIC mechanical pencil transactions (1 on each probably) and saved $2 additional - oh well! Hopefully next week something from BIC will be on sale, or at least before those coupons expire!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Where, oh where, have we been?

Well, here, of course. We're just busy :)

I just purchased our new flag shirts for this year's annual traditional picture and picnic and realized how long it's been since I've posted here on any regular basis. I miss it. It just seems I don't have long, quiet respites much these days to ponder life and post long ramblings about our happenings, complete with the requisite pictures I enjoy so much. Maybe that will change in the days to come...maybe it won't. Time will tell.

For now, know I *do* plan to at the very least update our photo at the top in about a week. Yes, Memorial Day is coming :)

Is anyone still out there?  We're here.

Busy week for us began this past Saturday morning.

Piano recital for the big girls.
Sunday services.
Monday evening - Mr. E's Cub Scout Pack Graduation - where have the past 2 years of Cubs gone?
Tuesday - super fabuloso exciting fun day planned - stay tuned.
Wednesday - birthday party for a sweet young friend.
Thursday - piano lessons and library outing