Monday, July 30, 2012

$12.58 for a ton of School supplies at Staples for 2012 - 2013 school year - great deals!

This year, I've been keeping up with the school supply deals at Staples each week. Items for a penny? Well, it caught my eye, that's for sure!

Here's a run down of my purchases for this week....I had 4 separate transactions this time. My sweet boys and youngest girl were along, so we had 4 customers to do these deals. Hope it's helpful to someone...I know it's going to be such a blessing to us to get all these supplies for such a small amount!

This is all from the current ad that began yesterday.


4 BIC mechanical pencils - $.25 ea.                         $1.00
3 Roseart colored pencils - $1 ea.                           $3.00
4 Prang Assorted/White Chalk - $.25 ea.                $1.00

Subtotal of $5 to get the 1 cent items:

2 paperclip 100 pk ($.01 ea. w/$5 purchase)            $.02    (limit of 2)
10 2pkt. folders w/fasteners ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)   $.10    (limit of 10)
6 HomeSelect Pocket Tissues ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)  $.06    (limit of 6)

Subtotal of $5.18
Coupon in Sunday paper: $1 off purchase of 3 RoseArt items    -$1.00

Subtotal $4.18
Tax      $ .34
TOTAL    $4.52

TRANSACTION #2 - identical to #1  (I got the bundle of 2 Sun. papers so I had 2 of the RoseArt coupons)

TOTAL   $4.52


1 Ream Staples printer paper                                       $6.99  (met my $5 min. right there)

2 paperclip 100 pk ($.01 ea. w/$5 purchase)                 $.02    (limit of 2)
10 2pkt. folders w/fasteners ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)       $.10    (limit of 10)
6 HomeSelect Pocket Tissues ($.01 ea. w/$5 purch.)     $.06    (limit of 6)

Total w/tax:  $7.76
EasyRebate (you can do this online - super easy - get a check mailed, have it deposited into a paypal account, whatever.)  -$5.99
TOTAL after rebate:  $1.77

TRANSACTION $4 - identical to #3 (limit of 2 rebates per household, btw)

TOTAL after rebate: $1.77


So, there you have it. Feel free to check my math, I didn't get enough sleep last night, LOL, and told a few friends about my deals with my before tax total ;)  Ah well.   Now, I just can't wait 'til next week's ad :)

Happy shopping!
If I'd caught the 2 BIC coupons in my papers, I'd have used those on the BIC mechanical pencil transactions (1 on each probably) and saved $2 additional - oh well! Hopefully next week something from BIC will be on sale, or at least before those coupons expire!

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Courtney said...

I've been itching to buy some supplies... Thanks!