Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss Baby needs an "O" - do you?

A little bit ago Miss Baby handed me her sippy cup and said "I need an O"  - I asked her what she needed...she answered again, "I need an O, Mama, I need an O" - it was then that I realized she was pointing to the package of reinforcement labels I was about to put away. You know those things, right, the little "O" shaped stickers you put on pages that you've hole punched that have become torn at the holes and need reinforcing w/the little stickers?  :)  I had given her one earlier, and apparently she'd misplaced it. Upon seeing the package, she made sure I knew she needed another "O"  - I laughed and gave her one...then another....she is now decorating the front of the oven...hmm.   :)  She's so much fun!

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