Monday, June 7, 2010

Still looking....

The search continues for bath mats that will work in the girls' bathroom - we're looking for PINK to match the shower curtain as closely as possible - no larger than 30" wide (or 1 bath runner that's 60" wide)....seen any?

Here are a few things I've run across and considered...

Not sure if the flower motif would go w/the shower curtain very well though....

this is a bit brighter/more hot pink than I had in mind, but it's 20x30.... (but the price...ouch! I need 2 of them!)

again, not the shade of pink, but the right size....argh!

then there was this one (sorry the others are all links, but I couldn't get the images to allow me to get a direct link to pull in the pictures!)

Not pink, but kind of the same theme....might be too much - which is why I was looking for solid pink....sigh.

So, I continue to search...and wonder....why on earth does the following even exist...?????

1 comment:

Lepidoptera said...

I do not care for the floral one. The hot pink concentric is okay but pricey. I like the one with the circles okay too but am not completely sold on it either. Maybe you should just keep looking?

Happy hunting!