Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kitty Update!

 The  crew and I took the kittens to the vet this morning - checkup went fine - both are boys. Poor Merry, having to go through life w/everyone thinking his name is "Mary" - oh well - maybe we'll just call him Meriadoc Brandybuck all the time.....nah.

Both weigh under 3 lbs. - weird to think about!

Both look great healthwise, had fleas - oh joy, now I itch every time I think about it, but they were given some sort of pill at the vet that was supposed to kill any fleas living on them, also have Frontline for preventative and bought some spray to hopefully make sure we don't have a big problem erupting in the house - sigh - I plan to spray it around tomorrow before we leave for piano - you're supposed to "leave the area for 1 hr. after application" -fun!

They both have worms - LOVE-LY - so I get to give them some medicine for 3 days a week each of the next 4 weeks....now how is a person who can't even remember to take vitamins supposed to remember that? Oh well, we'll do our best and the children will remind me - they're young and have a more elastic brain/memory than their dear ol' mama.

The vet we went to was ok...might try another one for the booster shots, but will see how things go w/the weigh ins each week for 4 weeks...did I not mention that? I have to take them in each Monday to check their weights so their dosage on the wormer medication can be adjusted.....fun!

All in all, things went well. The kittens are doing fine - the children enjoyed seeing the goats and birds and toad and fish and...well, you get the picture...it *was* a veterinarian's office after all....today and now the kittens are in their room and the children are all in bed.

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