Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Around the house the past few days....

As you can probably imagine, or if you can't, you'll soon see, a lot goes on over the course of just a few days...even a few hours provide fodder for much conversation, but this post will encompass a few days, just so you know.

I came upon this sight one day after sneaking away for a few mn. to do something....the boys apparently were having a field day with their Daddy's shoes!

Mr. E looks on as Mr. A exclaims "Look at me, I can fit into Daddy's shoes!"

Mr. E fondly patting Mr. A on the head...."Sure, sure, you can."


The elusive ducks that we've seen a few times behind the house were out the other night - I ran for the camera and made it back in time to get a few shots as they ran...er...swam for their lives. The first shot is "misty" because it was so lovely, I mean, humid, that my lens instantly fogged up - kind of looks neat though, doesn't it..?

"Quack, whew it's hot out here...wait, what's that lady doing? Swim!"

"That's right, stay close!"

"Now, where to go......she's still over there w/that THING...that....camera!"

"Look over there...we can hide there...hurry!"

"We're almost there....."

"Whew! We made it - get in there, quick....don't look back, she's STILL watching us!"

:) I need a better zoom lens!


And when you need to take a quick trip, climb aboard and Thomas will get you there, or maybe your brother! Miss A and Miss Baby look up at me as if to say...."Mama!!! We're riding here!" - well!


Mama - "You do know that's a FIREplace, don't you?"

Miss Baby - "Doesn't everyone sit on the edge of the fireplace, Mama? What IS a fireplace, anyway? This chair was just the right height for me!"


Caught on film/media card the other day....now wait...where's Miss E?

Ah....she found a quieter place withOUT an audience :)

And lastly....


Merry - "Why does this girl insist upon picking us up ALLLL the time....doesn't she know we can walk?

Pippin - "Yes, I know, but she is pretty cute, so I guess we'll just have to tolerate her."

Merry - "I suppose, but I'm getting kind of hungry."

Never a dull moment!

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