Monday, June 28, 2010

One of those weird days....

Do you ever have one of those weird days where unusual things keep happening?

Like, your hair clip breaks because it can't take holding all of your hair up any longer - don't know how many I've had break like this.....

Then, the hairbrush you bought not too long ago on a trip because you forgot to bring yours along, breaks in half....yes, in half...right after the hair clip broke?


Then, you watch as gravity and a slippery poolside claim the dignity of one of your children as they run/trot/don't walk around the edge of the pool...said child gets up rubbing back of head and continues on unscathed...thank God for that!

Later, back in the "safety" of your own home again, 2 children sit on the patio looking through a plastic tray that was used to carry veggie plants awhile back and still hasn't been tossed...then one child pushes it toward the other and then the other pushes it back resulting in a cut lip......

Then, just after that, 2 children merrily run out toward the back of the yard only to have one of them hop, skip, and jump back toward you screaming because somehow in their barefoot state they stubbed the end of their toe in a hole of dirt (because it hasn't rained in ages and we have cracks in the yard now) and this child has a dirty, bloody toenail to show for his glee in running around?

Well, it's been one of those weird days around here :)

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