Thursday, June 3, 2010

Decorating Begins!

I am not quite sure how it happened, except maybe a product of necessity - what am I talking about? Well, the decorating of this new house, of course!

The girls' bathroom needed a shower curtain and therefore it appears to be the first room in the house to be decorated in any sort of way....

Here is the shower curtain:

Now, that is not a picture of it in their bathroom, but a picture from the Wal-mart website. the next task at hand is to get bathmats - the girls have a double sink that measures approx. 60" wide. I looked at Wal-mart today and the only bath mats in any of the brands they carry come in 2 sizes - 21" x 34" and 34" x 40" - neither of these will work. A shame because they had the perfect color(s). Sigh.

So, I came home w/groceries instead of the bath mats we went hoping to procure today and I began searching online for options - my first stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond's site - didn't find much there and nothing in other sizes either - started to be concerned that we would not be able to find anything w/a max width of 30" and that whatever we got was going to look ridiculous b/c it wouldn't fit. I guess I was easily discouraged - SHAME ON ME - continued looking, for some reason I had a tab open on my browser for Macy's, you know I go there *all* the time, ha ha, and I looked there and was happy to find some mats that were 30" wide - HOPE REKINDLED - and now I have been searching on a lot of different sites and there are OPTIONS - hooray - MAYBE TOO MANY!  So, I will let you know when I decide on something.

I have NEVER truly done much decorating and have a bit of a spirit of fear about this - I want it to look nice, I don't want it to be overdone, I want it to look like someone who knew what they were doing, did it....anyone who has ooodles of free time and wants to offer up ideas/thoughts/suggestions, they are all welcome - thanks!

Anyway....we'll see how it all turns out....and if I ever get to the rest of the house - at this rate, one small bathroom is taking a bit longer than I expected, but then when you go shopping w/5 helpers, sometimes one store takes so long, you can't bear to go to another - especially in the TX heat that has beset us!

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Lepidoptera said...

Cute shower curtain! I like the colors. They are bright and cheery. Have fun decorating!