Friday, November 6, 2009

up and up? more like down and down!

Ok, I know, cryptic title ....for some, unless you shop at Target a lot perhaps.

I purchased a crate/carton/big huge box of Target brand baby wipes a little while back - the new branding is called "up and up" - whatever - anyway, I just have to give them a big thumbs down.

I don't know about you, but a wiggly 9 mo. old who likes to flip over on her stomach the minute I put her on the bed for a diaper change combined w/these wipes is a disaster.

1. They are NOT "1 hand user friendly"
2. The "resealable" sticker thing-a-ma-bob - what a pain - see #1
3. The wipes are so well "connected" that you practically have to fling the package across the room w/your one free hand to try and get just one wipe at a time - argh.

You may have seen blog posts entitled "Works for me Wednesday"...?

Well, this one falls under "Fails for me Friday"

Just thought you might want to know before you buy such a gigantic box of these things and are stuck in the "I must use them up before I buy another brand" situation that I am. I will be going back to the Sam's Club ones I was buying, I think.

What about you? What "Fails for you Friday"?


Lok said...

lol! Love the flinging across the room comment! So been there!

Lepidoptera said...

We usually buy the generic at Wal-mart, and they work well for us. Thanks be to God everyone at our house is potty trained now so we only need them on occasion. You could donate them to a family with no one in diapers for general usage. They could wrestle them with both hands. Unless you just want to keep flinging!

W. Latane Barton said...

I'm so past the diaper change stage. You girls just don't know what the 'olden' days were like. Cloth diapers to wash, rough washcloths to wipe soft little butts. And, let's not talk about the poopy diaper. But, we survived. How I don't know.