Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back up....

After a conversation with the nurse yesterday, I decided it was time to go back for another check on my "condition" as it stands.

Contrary to our home thermometer, which stated I was a balmy 99-ish, the one at the dr. office stated I was a bit over 102. Hmm. I think I'm done w/our home thermometer and will be getting a regular ol' thermometer as soon as we can find one - CKB looked at Walgreens and the grocery store last night on his way home and they were out!

Anyway, the dr. said my lungs are still clear - that was good news. Considering the sound of my coughing I thought for sure I was heading down the road to bronchitis or worse. The dr. said she thought it was time for a round of antibiotics to see if we could 'get this cleared up' - uh huh. So, I headed off, still not knowing what on earth is wrong specifically, prescription in hand and hopeful it will indeed "clear things up".

CKB picked up my prescription on his way home along w/a few other things they recommended for the congestion, etc. and that were "approved" for when you're nursing. For the record, I absolutely do NOT like to take ANYTHING when I'm pregnant or nursing. I took one of the congestion medicines before bed hoping it would help me sleep better and not cough as much - I don't know that it really did anything to "help" - I still woke up about 5-8 times last night coughing and coughing and, well, you get the point. I'm sore from coughing.

Anyway.....any of y'all have recommendations for a good thermometer for using with small children? The Braun temporal one we have just doesn't seem to be that accurate. I always feel like it's reading low compared to what they get at the dr. office and that's not good. Some of the children are old enough to hold a regular thermometer under their tongues I suppose.....but not the littlest, of course.

Well, that's the update. Not so fabulous.

On a funny note, I was trying to do a little catching up on our history reading when I got back from the dr. - Miss Baby was awake during this and almost as if on cue, as soon as I started reading about Alfred the Great, she interjected a loud "Aaaaaaaa!" (short "a" sound) every 2-3 words for 3 pages of reading. It was humorous, however a tad disruptive. Now I remember why I try to get our history reading done during her afternoon nap!


Anne said...

I think the last thermometer we bought was the "ReliOn" brand. Not sure...I usually just buy whatever Walmart has! I've never liked those temporal or ear thermometers b/c they are just not accurate. I always take my kids temps under their arm and then add a degree, which has always given me an accurate temp. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Don't worry about taking meds...there are PLENTY of meds that are perfectly safe for nursing moms. You have to take care of yourself, too!

Matt said...

I just read about this one sis!

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer gets rave reviews for its accuracy and ease of use. Retail: $15; Amazon Price: $9.50

CAB said...

Ugh, are you kidding me? No rectal thermometers in THIS house - thank you very much.

I much prefer the under the arm method!

Lok said...

I never know what thermometers to trust. My only advice is to make sure your thermometer has fresh batteries in it. That can affect the reading. Other than that... ::shrug??::

I'm sure you're already doing this, but you are using some Vicks Vapor-rub at night to help with the coughing, yes?