Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 6 of school - sick week

Well, as you may know, we've been trying to get better over the course of this past week.

As of right now (Friday afternoon), I'm still under the weather. CKB wasn't feeling well yesterday after he got home from work and I pray it's not the mess I've been dealing with. Time will tell.

All of the children are fever-free - hooray! Miss Baby and the boys are still holding out - Praise God!

Now, just to see if my fever creeps up again today or far the highest reading I've gotten today has been 99.5....I'm hopeful that this might be the day it goes away. It was a week ago today that this all started.

As far as school goes - Miss E is still playing catchup a little bit, but is almost back on track.

We did not do any Tapestry or Zoology this week since those involve all of the children listening to readings, etc. and 1. Miss E and Miss A were both out of it Monday, 2. Miss E was still out of it Tuesday and Wednesday, 3. I've been out of it all week and did not feel like doing all the reading out loud that needed to be done, not to mention supervising any projects.

So...Lord willing, we'll pick up with Week 6 of Tapestry Monday and I pray I'll be up to the reading since there's quite a bit for Week 6. Also, we'll pick back up with Zoology and make our suet (maybe over the weekend, maybe not) and continue on. We have been having quite a lot of little visitors to the feeders and we believe they are house sparrows. I'm going to try to get a better picture of them sometime soon, but for now, that's what we amateur birders think.


Lok said...

Gracious - I am so sorry y'all have been so sick!!! But I'm glad folks are on the mend. School will get caught up. Worry not!

Lok said...

Oh! And I love the pic at the top of the blog!!!!

The Tile Lady said...

SOOO sorry you all have been sick lately. My daughter and family have reported illness themselves this week. So far we have avoided anything this season, but allergies are always a concern for us. I am annoyed by all the hype over the swine flu--it's far less destructive overall than reg flu, and I worry that the vaccine for it is coming out of China, when there has been so many "poisonous" or toxic items out of China these past two years. It seems like they are doing it on purpose, and makes me scared of the vaccine!