Thursday, October 8, 2009

Interesting.... re: swine flu

So many have asked me if we have/had swine flu, that I thought I'd give the nurse a callback to verify what exactly they tested for anyway.

She said they test for Type A and Type B influenza. I asked how they determine if someone has "swine flu" and she said that if you come back positive for Type A, they're "saying" it's "swine flu" because "it's too early for the regular flu" - uh......huh.

Anyway....that's what I was told.

Miss E is still without fever today - hooray! I continue with 103 (and that's with a Tylenol on board, fun!).

Miss E has been playing catchup on her schoolwork today and doing a great job. Everyone else is either on track or caught for me to get caught up with checking their work.....maybe tonight after Miss Baby is in bed and I take 2 Tylenol.

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