Monday, October 5, 2009

Prognosis...negative, negative, negative....

CKB worked from home today and was able to help out with everyone and allow for me and Miss E to go to the Dr. without taking everyone along and exposing them to who knows what else.

First up, my appt. My fever has been up around 102/103 since Friday. After a mild migraine around noon, I took 2 Tylenol and therefore showed no fever at the appointment :) They checked me for flu, but the results were negative. "Just treat your symptoms" was what I was told.

Next up, Miss E's appointment. Her temp. was up to 104.2 - Motrin on board at the appointment and a strep test and flu test later, all negative.

What's wrong with us? Who knows. We're still both running fever. Mine's up to around 104 now. Oh joy. Miss E and I are the ones around here who don't get sick very often, so it's been odd that this hit both of us so hard. Thankfully Miss A's fever is gone and both of the boys are ok so far. Miss Baby is ok as well and I pray she will continue to be well.

I must admit I'd forgotten how miserable a fever can make you feel. I've gone from freezing and shivering to burning up every day since Friday. I pray this mess breaks up pretty soon and we're on the mend around here.

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Matt said...

ugh - so sorry y'all are sick! I am praying for quick healing! I think it's time for some Jello and movies!!!