Monday, October 12, 2009

99...100....and holding?

Today the highest temp. I've taken has been 100.0 - I am ever so hopeful that I'm on the downside of this mess finally. Now, to just get over this congested miserable cough. I'm sore from coughing. Ugh.

We were able to resume all schoolwork today despite my hacking and coughing, for which I am very thankful. Amidst one of our readings today, a choking fashion read "Hungary...ack..cough...Hungary....cough cough" and when I finally got control again just had to say "Hippos" to which I was met with hysterical giggles from my "class" - anyway, I don't think they'll forget reading about Rollo the Viking and Henry the Fowler any time soon!

All of the children remain clear from the fever/congested cough mess, as does CKB. Praise God! It is a HUGE testament to the protecting hand of God that Miss Baby hasn't contracted this mess. She is always around me, even at times when I've had a coughing fit...or two...I am so thankful for a loving, merciful God.

Other than a few more of the same type of, we think, house sparrows at the feeders out back, we saw a tabby cat on the woodpile today - who knows where it came from, but it was a surprise to see it out back when I looked to see if there were any birds around! So far we have NOT had any visitors to the suet feeders....

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The Tile Lady said...

The photo of the kids is great on your header! Glad Miss Baby has remained well, and that you are on your way to recovery. It's so good for the kids to see the birds at the feeders! Maybe you will have some at the suet feeder soon.