Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9 months today!

Miss Baby is 9 months old today. We started off the day heading to the pediatrician for the 9 month well check visit. Everyone went along (children-wise) because our favorite babysitter has the chicken pox! Pray for her - she had the chicken pox when she was 2 and now has them again at 16!

At Miss Baby's appointment, the dr. listened to Miss Baby's lungs as part of the well check and also because Miss Baby has had a cough for the past 3-4 days or so. The dr. said she heard a bit of a "wheeze" - after a breathing treatment in the office, Miss Baby sounded a lot better so we headed out after being there 1.5 hrs. and picked up a new nebulizer (we went through something similar w/Mr. A when he was 3 mos. old, but don't have a clue where that nebulizer is...) and then to another pharmacy for the medicine. It was not the dr. visit I had thought we would be having, but feel it is providential timing - who knows what might have happened in the days to come w/Miss Baby and the "cough" and whether or not we would have thought she needed to be seen, etc. I'm very thankful she's receiving treatment earlier rather than later when we might have been facing RSV or pneumonia....please keep her in your prayers.

I hope to have a 9 mos. picture up soon! Stay tuned!

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