Monday, July 28, 2008

A doughnut day or was it a donut day....hmm

A few Saturdays ago we headed out for a Krispy Kreme breakfast, but we didn't get the type of doughnut we wanted right away.

Traveling down the highway, CKB asked if I'd heard a strange noise and I replied no. A moment or two later, the van started shimmying strangely and I told CKB I thought there was something wrong w/the tires so we pulled off on the side of the highway. Sure enough, the front left tire was flat. We didn't have enough safe space for CKB to change the tire, so we had to ride on the flat slowly for a few hundred feet to get to an area where the shoulder was a lot wider and we could pull off pretty far to the right. It still wasn't far enough for my comfort though as semis kept whizzing by in the right hand land seemingly oblivious to my husband kneeling by the car working on the tire. I watched the side mirror the whole time and prayed he would be kept safe.

While we waited, the children asked many questions about what was going on. My favorite was from Mr. E when he asked "Why does Daddy always do the tire stuff?" :)

I said "Because he's the Daddy" and then explained further that Daddy wouldn't let me get out there even if I wasn't expecting our newest blessing and if we had been out without Daddy when this happened, he would not have wanted me out there on the side of the highway changing a tire regardless of the fact that I know what to do and have done it before in my "car training days" with my own Dad.

He seemed to accept that answer and went back to whatever made up game he and Miss A were playing beforehand on the drive. After a warning from me for them to all sit very still and not wiggle the van around while Daddy had it up on the jack, they stayed pretty quiet for the duration of the tire change.

So, CKB had to handle a big rubber donut first and then we were on our way - doughnuts weren't our first priority any more, but we were all hungry and glad when we realized we were actually right at the exit for Krispy Kreme - very convenient! So we went ahead and pulled in and enjoyed our doughnut breakfast - sweet and very unrubbery.

After breakfast, we headed on back toward the house looking for a tire place along the way. We stopped off at Sam's, but they were short handed and it was going to be hours before they would get to us, so we continued our search. We found a tire shop a little farther down the road w/a 45 mn. wait and decided to go ahead and get the tires there since we probably wouldn't find any shorter wait on a Saturday afternoon. True to their word, the car was ready in about an hour and we headed on our way - new tires and a happy crew with tummies full of doughnuts and chocolate milk.

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