Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Dorritt

Anyone else watching? We watched part 2 last night - I have to say I was disappointed when it ended at 9:30 - I thought we had another half hour to go!

This is not a familiar Dickens work to me - I look forward to reading the book as well at some point in the future, but for now we're enjoying the movie on PBS very much.


Lepidoptera said...

We are. I am racing to finish it before the MT series is over. So far I am ahead of MT, but if I don't read some this week I will probably be behind. Finished Book One and now Book Two. It's good to have read the book already (in part) so that I can see the differences between it and this version. Also the book is so much more detailed. I hope that you do read it for yourself.

CAB said...

Cool - 2 books, eh? Yikes, I'd never keep up right now - need sleep more - the mn. Miss Baby hits the hay, I do too :) Oh well, I'll read it sometime I hope and then watch the Masterpiece Th. again afterward - will be good to see it again I think since we're enjoying it the first time around.

Lepidoptera said...

Yes, two books in one. For a while I was not finding the time to read for me either. After a while I missed it so much that I found the time. You will too when you have caught up on your sleep. ;-)