Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My sweet bunch of blessings blessed me once more with an outpouring of their love, tonight, since tomorrow we will be out and about most of the day. They are so sweet and thoughtful and made me beautiful cards. I found out I am the best Mama in the universe, wow. I am humbled they think so, and thankful for their sweet, pure love for and to me. Me! I don't deserve them at all, but thank God He thought I and Chris were the best to raise each one of them and gave them to us. I love them all so much.

Tonight when I laid Miss Baby into her crib and told her I loved her, she said "I luz zhuuu"   - I love her so very much, too!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

Your sweet angels have grown so much! What a darling photo. So glad you had such a precious Mother's Day. Their love is like manna from heaven!