Friday, June 17, 2011

What are they teaching them?

Tonight, as I often do on Friday night, I called to order pizza for dinner.

When it came time for the credit card info. and expiration date, I was amazed YET AGAIN when after telling the guy the expiration date in words, ie, June 2024 (not the real date, but you get the gist) - he then asked - can you tell me that in the numbers on the card?  To which, after pausing in disbelief I replied 0624.

This is NOT the first time and I fear will not be the last. One time I said October and the guy asked, "Uh...what number is that?" Really? What are these children of today, the working folk of today and the future being taught in school...anything important that will help them in their lives? Yes, I know that this is pretty small potatoes, but it's one of those basic things....and if the basics are missing, what else is missing?

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W. Latane Barton said...

You are so RIGHT.... I have no idea what our young people are going to do shoved out into the real world. Schooling is at an all time low. I saw on the news that some places are reducing homework time. That may be alright as I think the real problem lies in the TEACHING that the teachers are doing in class each day. The system stinks.