Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who have you taken time getting to know better lately?

Mothers in Israel.

I know a lot of them and am blessed to see them often. Recently I have been able to spend more time w/one in particular and found we have some common interests/hobbies. She and her husband came to spend a day with me and the children and she spent time teaching the girls to begin crocheting. We had a wonderful visit and it has deepened our bond as family in Christ. It is even sweeter to see her face each Sunday we are blessed to be in services w/her. I am very thankful for her. Today she brought me a bag of sewing goodies from her stash that she was ready to part with - I am already making plans for them! I don't know if she knows how blessed I feel to have her in my life, but I plan to tell her.

Often it is easier to sit w/the same folks each Sunday at lunch after services and visit - those around our own age perhaps; others with children going through the same "time of life" as we are, but I have often found a great blessing in remembering to also visit with those that are older and have "been there" and those that are younger and spend time getting to know them better as well. It's hard sometimes to step outside our comfort zone, but the rewards are always worthwhile, in my humble experience.

I am thankful for my church family - they are not all closeby, but close in my heart. We have church family at a number of locations across the country and are thankful for every one of them!

Just some random thoughts :)

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