Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pick Me Up Bouquet - no flowers required!

Y'all have heard of the "pick-me-up bouquets" FTD, and other florists have available, right? Well, tonight, I received a "pick-me-up bouquet" that didn't involve flowers!

As I sat down to check schoolwork at the girls' table, I finished up one's work, then was feeling tired, thinking about how I'd like to go sit on the couch and rest, then my eyes fell on the table and a drawing...but the paper sticking out from under the edge was what really caught my was titled "Christmas List for Others" and had a list of names down the left hand side..... Thank you Lord for that pick me up! I am so blessed!


Marie (once The Tile Lady) said...

Very sweet. They always delight us when we least expect it.

lahbluebonnet said...

How sweet!