Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here we blog again

Ok, ok, this time I am happy with our URL and blog title :) I promise I won't change it again.

Sorry y'all had to go through another invite process! Forgive me? Pretty please?

Anyway, I'll start off with a few pics from a recent trip just so y'all can see some recent shots w/the children and we'll go from there!

We've been scoping out a few of the State Parks up in N. TX since we moved up here and these pics are from a day where we spent the day out driving and popped up into OK first and visited Lake Hugo State Park - the park was alright, but what we liked most was how the cabins looked and can definitely see ourselves spending a long weekend there this Fall. Then, we dropped back down into Texas (whew, it was good to be home) and stopped at the Bonham State Park. We'd passed by it many times on other trips and it was high time to see what it was all about. The park itself was pretty small, as far as what you could see from the road driving through, but there were many nature and bike trails in the woods that we hope to explore on another visit.

Here are a few pictures from that busy driving day.

After I hopped out to take this rather exciting picture, I noticed a sign immediately to the left of my open car door - see below:


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