Friday, March 27, 2009

Been busy you may well have guessed!

Today, Miss Baby is 2 months old! Where does the time go?! Well, it just goes, that's all. The days are busy with schoolwork, housework (granted, not much gets done aside from laundry and dishes, but anyway), naptime/quiet time for the older children and meals....sometimes I wonder what we do all day, but the days keep passing by.

I am happy to report Miss Baby slept for 8 hours last night - amazing and wonderful - I hope she will keep this up! I tend to obsess about getting sleep and hopefully Miss Baby will continue to sleep in long stretches and I'll learn to relax more. I keep repeating to myself Proverbs 3:5-7 - Trust in the Lord...he shall direct they paths. We memorized these verses recently and how true and needful they were to me.

My memory is shot, so I don't know that I could tell y'all much about what's been going on around here except just keeping up w/things...Mr. A fell outside recently and managed to bump his cheekbone resulting in a nice shiner - I think it's the first one any of the children have had. He looks like he's been in a brawl!

Miss E continues to do very well in her piano lessons - I haven't heard a lot of her practice lately because she practices when I'm in the back with Miss Baby trying to rest most days, but I sat in and listened recently and she's come a long way over the past few months. I believe she definitely has a gift in music and I look forward to the years to come as she continues in piano.

Miss A has been such a wonderful help with entertaining Miss Baby at times when I need a few mn. to finish up dinner or what not - what a blessing!!

Mr. E can't hardly stand it when I bring Miss Baby into the room - he has to get right up close and talk to her and try to make her smile. He is a very loving big brother!

Mr. A is a busy boy - one of his favorite pasttimes these days is playing with lightsabers and Mr. E's wooden sword and shield. This playtime is usually followed by "He hit me!!!!" coming from one of this siblings - Mr. A needs to work on his aim and making sure to hit the other lightsaber, not the other person!

The children are all doing well in their schoolwork. Both of the girls are about to finish up their math levels, Miss A is almost done with Alpha, one more lesson, I believe, and Miss E is a few lessons from finishing up Gamma. Mr. E is hot on Miss A's trail and halfway through Alpha.

Both of the girls continue to do well in their learning of cursive and Mr. E's printing is improving. He was excited to start a new book this week in printing with Handwriting Without Tears.

Mr. A has his letters down pat and the sounds, just is still working on producing a few of those sounds. He can count rather high and knows shapes and colors, not to mention how to get to the 3rd lap of Mario Kart on the Wii all by himself - he is a smart one and can navigate that video game through the menus like a pro - scarey!

Miss Baby is doing great - she sleeps a good deal of the morning and early afternoon, then stays awake most of the late afternoon and evening at this point. I usually start getting her ready for bed around 10:30 and hopefully have her in bed by 11:30 - as I mentioned, last night she slept through until 8 a.m. - I was very surprised, but very thankful. I hope she continues and this becomes a trend and the norm! She is a sweet little girl and smiles at her siblings often as well as CKB and I. She enjoys all the noise around the house - it doesn't seem to phase her at all - good thing, eh?

Ah, and in case I haven't mentioned it on here yet, our A/C is finally fixed - amazing!!! The newest set of technicians came out a week or two ago...can't remember exactly when, 2 weeks ago I think, and were back 2 days later and fixed it. We are so thankful.

The irony - the weather turned cool! Ah well, at least we know we have it when we need it, right? Tonight it's supposed to get down near freezing - such odd weather! Miss A has still been praying for snow most nights...maybe we'll get some after all!?!

I finally finished up 2 projects and got one in the mail - a baby gift - the other is in the wash and will be mailed soon (that's for you Courtney) - and I promise myself in front of all ye witnesses to NOT commit myself to any new projects for awhile....a long while...I'll have to live w/store bought baby gifts and what not for awhile and not berate myself because I can't do what I might want to. O.K. that's said, now I need to live by it, right?

Well, I don't know how often I'll blog for awhile, it's not that I don't have the desire to, well, maybe I don't have as much of a desire to right now, but it's more that I feel like there are other things I need to spend my time on, like the children, all of them. Also, I like having pictures in my posts, and that takes more time...of which, I don't have a ton. As Miss Baby sleeps more at night, I hope to have more time to keep in touch though. I haven't laid down at quiet time around here the past couple of days b/c Miss Baby has been sleeping longer at night and I actually don't feel like I'm going to fall apart, so I hope that will continue.

Hope to hear from some of y'all if anyone's still out there reading this! :)

Oh yes, and today the older 3 children worked on their leaf collections for Botany - here you can see the girls working on theirs:



W. Latane Barton said...

What a busy household. I feel for you but know that you have it all under control.

That baby girl, Oh my, she's a doll. My love to all your sweet children. I'll still be around when you get a chance to post. I look forward so much to hearing from you.

CAB said...

"have it all under control"

By the grace of God! and only with His help every moment of every day!

So good to hear from you as well - I hope to go and catch up on your blog soon - I haven't spent much time on the pc and even less on blogs lately!

Courtney said...

Clara joins Miss A. every night praying for the snow to come as well. She takes it one step further and requests to go ice skating as well. I was satisfied with the hail we had the other night. I'm itching to pack up all the winter clothes and bring on the spring ones!
Miss Baby looks exactly like the perfect mixture of all her sibs (and her parents too!). Amazing how that works huh?
Good for you and all the schoolwork you accomplish. I haven't gotten into the routine of school yet, I'm not in a hurry. I think I'm becoming more of an unschooler...I love teaching through play so I'm content with that for now.
Well, write dashboard gets lonley. :)

Other Mother said...

What a beautiful baby! Your family is your priority, and that's as it should be. When you do have time to check in, we'll love hearing from you.

Hugs to all.

Lok said...

Don't you stress about the blog thing. It's not nearly as important as the chir'rens. WAY TO GO on the math levels!!!