Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miss Baby is 5 months old!

Miss Baby is 5 months old!

Time sure flies when you're having fun! Miss Baby has become quite the little mover these days. It is no longer safe to lay her down and not keep your eyes on her. She rolls over almost instantly these days when she's on her back and chuckles in delight at her skill.

Her vocalizations have increased quite a bit as well and it is quite entertaining to listen to her as she tries to tell us all she is thinking about. Her coordination has also improved dramatically and she enjoys swatting at toys and on occasion getting ahold of one long enough to pass it from one hand to the other before losing her grip on it.

Who knows what she'll be up to in the coming month! She continues to be a delight to everyone and is constantly entertained by the antics of her brothers and sisters.


Courtney said...

When I scrolled down to finish reading all I could see was Miss Baby's mouth and I could definatly see Mr. A hiding in there. She is so pretty. Enjoy all the moments she is not yet mobile!

W. Latane Barton said...

Miss Baby, happy 5 month birthday.

She is so cute. Looks like she is right on track learning all the new things in this world to learn.

Matthew said...

excellent pic sis! Can't wait to meet her! I am sure her and Mr. I will be best buddies :-)

Love ya!
Mr. M.

Lepidoptera said...

She just gets prettier every time I see her. :-) This is a fun time. Treasure every moment! As you know, they won't last.

The Tile Lady said...

CAB--So happyyou came by to visit me after my long absence, to see my post! Oh, Miss Baby is so beautiful!!!!! What an absolute joy she must be! I know she is a true blessing to your wonderful family.

The grandson was kind've used to being away for a long stretch because his parents weren't together for three years, and twice he was taken to see his Dad during the summer, once for a month and once for two months (the 2 month visit was really rough on him though) he was prepared to be away from them both for a month and a half--as prepared as a 7 yr old can be, anyway. They call him every night. He is missing them a lot now, and really ready to go home, though, I think. We still want to make a trip to D.C. before he leaves.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts, and am glad you are back, too!