Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy day

Today was a busy day. CKB was out of town today helping with some work at the church house where our membership resides. While he was away, we were busy bees as well. We started off the morning with a trip to pick up our AngelFood order. This is our first time to try the AngelFood program and the pickup and ordering process were a breeze. I was able to order online, hooray! Pickup was great - just drove up, they loaded it into the back of the van and I was off - no unloading of children to go in and so forth - yay! Then, we picked up breakfast to eat on the way back home. When we got home the children helped carry everything in by way of small toy bins - yes, this required the dumping of a few small bins so they could help out, but this way they were all busy helping and I didn't have to carry in the heavy boxes myself since CKB wasn't there to do it for me :)

After all the food was inside and put away, the older 4 watched a cartoon while I fed Miss Baby again and then we headed out for Target to look for smaller swim trunks for the boys - we got them some a few weeks ago, but after they wore them Thursday, I decided they really needed the next smaller size unless they were going into the plumber business....'nuff said.

We found trunks and looked for an inflatable pool I saw in the Target ad - they were out - the next closest store was said to have 11 according to a kind employee that checked for me. We picked up a few other things and then we were off. Went to 2nd Target, found the pool - there were 4 on the shelf - eek - and a slip 'n slide (Yes, Angela, we had to get one too - maybe the children will get the hang of it w/more practice and we'll have some slip 'n slide pros by the end of summer...maybe?) and a couple of other things I'd forgotten at the first store...what??? you never forget things???? do you shop with 5 children ages 8 and under??? Ok, I didn't think so! (well, one of you know who you are....please don't tell me you never forget things...).

Hmm, where to from there...oh yes, donation box I'd forgotten to go by on the way home from our first outing to drop off some clothes/shoes/misc. stuff that's been sitting beside my front door for many moons....well, weeks anyway. Done! Gone! Hooray! Hmm....what? It's 12:30 p.m. already??? Sigh. Off to Chick-fil-a for lunch - how do these children get hungry so fast? Inhale my food so I can feed Miss Baby while the older 4 finish up their meals.

Now what...oh yes, off to Half Price Books to turn in their summer reading logs for this past week, procure $3 gift card rewards for each and head back to the children's department - why are there books on the floor back here? - sigh - pick up books so I can roll cart w/Miss Baby through w/o rolling over books - talk to children about not leaving books lying around lest someone later think the things about us that I was thinking about whoever left those books on the floor....Mr. A has to go potty - ack - everyone goes to bathroom - leave your books OUTSIDE the bathroom, I don't think anyone will take them....sigh....take care of Mr. A - wish I'd brought the diaper bag inside instead of leaving it in the car (that's all you need to know) and head back out - MIRACULOUSLY NOONE ELSE NEEDED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE OUT....methinks they should be drinking more.... (from approx. 10:30 a.m. til 2:30 p.m.!?!?!?) - pick up books from where we laid them down - finish finding a book for Mr. A and head up to the checkout counter.

Hmm...where to from here....I think we went home....yes...but I forgot, after picking up the food this morning we went through a car wash. At least that didn't require getting anyone in/out of the car AND it didn't scare Miss Baby (the noise, etc.). Whew. doesn't seem like much, but with 5 children along it took most of the day.

After we got home, again, I fed Miss Baby, then commenced setting up our water toys. Slip 'n Slide first so they could play on it while I worked on the pool. After I finally got the pool inflated, I started filling it up - it took a little bit, but that didn't deter anyone...they got in after there was about an inch of water in it :) I think we could've just left the slip 'n slide at the store - they're much more interested in the pool and had a good time playing in it for awhile while Miss Baby and I watched.'s 5-ish - had everyone step out and onto the patio, carefully walk in and line up outside the shower and began super fast shower night - you've never had one of those? Oh, you should :) Anyway, Mr. E was first, then Mr. A, then the girls - done. Never you mind the soaking wet bath mat by the shower...the puddle of wet swimsuits when everyone was done....the soggy towels everywhere, the fact that I was now soaking wet and hadn't actually been in the pool or the shower....all 4 older children were clean, had had a fun day and I did it my wayyyyyy....I mean, I took care of all of it w/o too much fussing from Miss Baby while she laid in her bed a few feet away.

Whew. So, after I made pizza for dinner, fed the children moon pies for dessert, set them down in front of "Monsters, Inc." for some "quiet time" and another feeding time for Miss Baby, everyone got ready for bed. It's 10 p.m. now...all the children are asleep....CKB should be home in about 1/2 hr. to an hr. from now if all goes well and according to the time he called me earlier to tell me he'd left the church house...and I am sitting here documenting our day.

I think I'm tired. :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed reliving the day w/me...I'm sure I left something out....but you get the gist of it....our days are certainly busy and never to visit sometime? ;) We have a "spare 'oom" - well, sort of :)


W. Latane Barton said...

I did enjoy your day. And, I gained a new-found respect for you (and all young mothers) with your young brood. A woman's work is never done..........

Matthew said...

Great recap of your day! You mommies are super women! There is NO doubt about it! And yes we would LOVE to come for a visit sometime! :-)

Melanie Hodges said...

I am a little tired just reading about your day! Bless you and get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Yes- I do forget things at the store all the time, and, we have super fast shower night sometimes too. :) Sounds like things are going well- I'll try to get around to answering that e-mail tonight. I keep waiting until I have both hands to type... hmmm... that could be a while. ;)


Lok said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!!! Way to go you!!!