Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby bird!

Yesterday afternoon we had an exciting discovery in our backyard. A baby bird! Well, it ended up being 2 baby birds, but we only have pictures of one of them.

CKB was getting ready to grill hot dogs for dinner and I had gone out with Miss Baby while the older children were playing a game inside. I noticed a small bird at the back corner of the yard on the base board of the fence and realized it was a very small bird...a baby bird!!!

As I walked closer to get a better look, carefully watching the baby bird, I almost stepped on its brother or sister that was in the grass! As we came closer, the baby bird on the fence board flew up and grabbed onto Miss A's shirt who had come outside and discovered the bird also. It clung to the back of her shirt for a moment and then dropped back down onto the grass and fluttered off into the neighboring yard.

Why on earth the baby birds were in our yard, I don't know. There wasn't a nest in the small tree in the back yard and no trees in the neighboring yards. A mystery!

Baby bird #2 stayed around awhile with its mouth open wide waiting for a bite to eat. After we all went back in the house, baby bird #2 didn't have a long wait - mama bird came along and fed it a worm and not long after came back with another!! What a nice treat for us to see this in our little corner of suburbia!

Now, what kind of bird is this...anyone?


RebeccaT said...

Great pictures of your backyard find! I too will hope that someone can solve the mystery of the type of bird. When you have a moment, visit our blog to see our flower collection. Part two coming soon I hope!

CAB said...

Ok, we have one vote for baby cowbird. Anyone else?