Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TOG bog

Well, after trying to do TOG last year, we didn't get very far. I just couldn't get out of the "fog" I guess. But, with renewed determination we're pressing on over the summer and hope to be ready for Yr. 2 come Fall. I have a book order in and am waiting for it - somehow I only had ordered books for Unit 1 of Yr 1 - duh - and am waiting on the rest to come. We're doing "TOG LITE" for the summer and can't wait for all that it will hold as well as Yr. 2.

Thanks to my big sister for all her encouragement and the talks we've had about all of this.

I'll update after we get back into things and show you a little of what all we're doing/reading mostly/etc. :)

Now, back to it!

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Joshua Jacob Nicholas said...

Good luck. We tried TOG for a while. I may have some of the books you need and would be happy to let you borrow them. Just e-mail me a list and I'll check for you.