Thursday, June 11, 2009

Conversations with Mr. A

Around 3 o'clock today I hear the call of Mr. A:

Mr. A - Mama, I'm done with my naaaa-aaaap.


CAB - (I go into the room and turn on the light as Mr. A gets out of bed)

Mr. A - Mama, can I go outside?

CAB - Not right now, it's still pretty hot out there, maybe after awhile.

Mr. A - Where are my friends?

CAB - Do you mean your brother and sisters?

Mr. A - Yes.

CAB - :) They're out there (ie, in the den/hall/bedrooms, etc.)

Mr. A - Oh. Can I play Gameboy?


I love how Mr. A calls his siblings his "friends" - none of the other children did this when they were little. It's incredibly sweet and exactly what I hope for them all to be throughout their lives - friends.


W. Latane Barton said...

How sweet Mr. A. is. Friends I hope they will always be.

Lepidoptera said...

I have the same hope for ours. They do say that they are friends and even best friends. I am so thankful for that!