Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sick and Tired

That's me. I'm sick and very tired. With a house full of sick children on top of being sick myself, well, I'm worn out. We've been to the Dr. twice (3 times if you count a well check visit last Wed.) and I'm tired. We seem to be in the car all day the past couple of times we've headed out. Today the appt. was at 11, but they didn't get us in until 11:45 - we didn't get home until 2:15 p.m. after a trip to the pharmacy and the dr. visit.

Let's see - Miss Baby - ear infection in right ear

Mr. E - ear infection in right ear, runny nose, cough
Mr. A - ear infection in right ear, croup (with alternating stuffy/runny nose and horrible cough)

All the right ear - weird.

Anyway, Miss A has a runny nose, but her ears look fine (thank you Dr. F for looking while we were there today and not charging extra). Miss E - no symptoms - thankful SOMEONE is well in this house.

Myself - who knows, a cold, I don't feel great, sinus stuff, whatever, anyway, no Dr. for me - no time, too tired, etc. etc. etc.

The top shelf of our fridge looks like a pharmacy with all the bottles of amoxicillin for the 3 with ear infections...Oh, for the end of the next 10 days and I pray, wellness for a long while!

Since the girls are pretty much clear, we continue onward however and will be heading back out in a few mn. for Miss E's piano lesson at 4 p.m. and then swimming lessons for the girls after that.

As it turns out, my friend that was going to watch the younger 3 during the girls' lessons is now going to teach the girls in the pool at her house - hooray - saving us big bucks - thanks again V! The girls had their first lesson last night and both enjoyed it very much.

Ok, I better run for now - we head out again in about 15 mn. and if I had the energy to take pictures and the guts to share them, I'd show you how both of our couches are covered in mountains (yes, Mountains Gandolf!) of laundry and the children's school tables have exploded with craftiness and well, believe it or not the sink is pretty empty of dishes, but...well...that's because we ate lunch out today....anyway.....one day, maybe tomorrow, we won't have to go to the Dr. and I'll get something done around here...until then....we continue on....


Courtney said...

Whew! You would think right ears are contagious. :) Get well soon! Happy swimming!

Lepidoptera said...

Onward, Christian soldiers! Yes, please do rest and get well soon. It is no fun being sick of being sick!