Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to get past Step 1 - Organizing your recipes

It's been on my mind for quite some time to get my recipes organized. I say "my" very loosely, mind you, as none of them are originals to me, but they're mine when I make them!

So.....I thought putting together a binder of recipes complete w/tabs to separate different categories of food, everything alphabetized, would be just dandy....but didn't act on it....and didn't act on it....and didn't act on it.

Yesterday, in the school room I finally did - I grabbed a handful of page protectors, brought them downstairs to the kitchen and inserted them into a binder I started using a year or two ago - at present it has printed calendars in it, I *thought* it would become my "Super Mom Organizer Binder" - but it hasn' for now, I put the page protectors in the back and am at the end of step 1 - procure binder, insert page protectors for recipes....

Wait, that's 2 things - maybe I'm at step 2. So, to get past Step 1, you need to do Step 2 w/o realizing you're doing it and move on to the next thing. Now, Step 3 - round up all the recipes sweet friends have shared through the years...this might be tough....and put them into the page protectors. I'll let you know when I get this accomplished. The key here seems to be finally getting motivated because Aunt Lou is tired of you calling for the same recipe every few months since you can't keep up w/the scrap of paper you wrote it down on or you are just fed up w/never being able to find the recipes you've tried and really liked. I think I met both of those criteria and here I am - finally - now, to get busy on the round-up... See you...after a while.

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Heather said...

Go girl! You won't regret it! And then once you are done, just stay caught up every 3-4 month and refile the new recipes you have gotten.