Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It only took 10 years to break the pickle jar

Well, almost 10 years ago we were blessed with our first child and shortly thereafter she accompanied me on MANY grocery trips. The first ever, just the two of us, I worried about making it through the store w/o a baby meltdown - she was probably about 6 mos. old at the time. She did great, I learned to relax a little bit and Baby Pooh entered our home - a small stuffed Winnie the Pooh that has been around ever since.

Fast forward about 10 years and I'm at the grocery store with our 3rd child (3rd of 5, for those not keeping up) and as we cruise the aisles I hear myself occasionally reminding him "Don't touch things" and "Don't pick anything up please" and so forth and so on. Then, as I perused the Nutella jar selection, I heard it....and felt it.....a glass pickle jar hit the floor and splashed the side of my boot. I turned and yes, my son, bless his heart, had knocked off a pickle jar much to his embarrassment...and mine. A store employee happened to be right ahead of us and he immediately came to our rescue, calling for aid to clean up the "spill" on aisle whatever it was.  I asked if we needed to pay for the jar of pickles, he replied, no, we'll take care of it, and after my sweet boy apologized to the young man for breaking the jar, we continued on, a cloud of pickle odor following us no doubt. 

And that's how it took 10 years to break the pickle jar.

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Lepidoptera said...

I dropped a glass bottle in a store one time, and they did not make me pay for it either. I felt bad since it was my fault. Wonder why they have that policy?

Maybe it won't happen again to either one of us for at least ten years!