Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mr. E lost his first tooth!

Someone forgot to tell Mr. E that he wasn't allowed to grow up just yet.....he lost his first tooth just before Thanksgiving. He ran downstairs to tell us he thought he had a loose tooth - I checked to see and it was REALLY loose, so I sent him over to CKB to check it out. Moments later, Mr. E's tooth was out of there! Nary a whimper during the extraction - what a tough guy!

Here he is, looking so big....sigh.


Lepidoptera said...

He is growing up! One of ours lost another tooth on Thanksgiving Day.

Matt said...

Excellent! Way to go Mr E! Miss N turned 3 on 12/7 - hard to believe!!!

CAB said...

Mr. E lost his second tooth right at Christmas - he needs to stop that growing us business! :)