Monday, December 6, 2010

Water Buffalo Meetings are like Boy Scouts for Grown-Ups per Mr. E

Not long ago, the children discovered the classic cartoon, The Flintstones. We have DVR'd plenty of them and they've enjoyed watching them. They've learned that Fred has a short fuse and doesn't always speak nicely, and many other lessons along the way as well.

Tonight, after returning from Scouts, Mr. E was talking about The Flintstones and said that he thought the Water Buffalo Meetings that Fred and Barney go to are like Boy Scouts for grown-ups.  :)   I listened as he told CKB all about the episode where Wilma and Betty dress up like men to go and see what the meetings are all about and how they put on these huge mustaches and when they got in trouble, they got spankings at the meeting and didn't want to ever go back.

I admit to chuckling softly to myself while this conversation went on - it was so cute to listen to Mr. E describe it all and he was grinning and laughing through the whole thing.

The episode he described is as follows:

"Ladies Night At The Lodge" February 13, 1964 (1964-02-13)
Wilma and Betty are curious about what goes on at Fred and Barney's Water Buffalo Lodge meetings so they sneak in wearing disguises as men. They endure a painful initiation where they run out of the lodge and get home before Fred and Barney do, vowing to never ask to attend lodge meetings again. Slightly based on the second episode shown, Hot Lips Hannigan.

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Lepidoptera said...

Our children have seen some of "The Flintstones" too. Water Buffaloes and the Boy Scouts - good comparison - and it sounds like the episode that they got to see was a funny one. His meetings are probably never that crazy!