Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miss E is 10!

Where has the time gone??? Seems like yesterday that we were bringing Miss E home from the hospital and now she is 10 years old. She was such a good baby, and is becoming a lovely, young lady. She plays the piano beautifully, reads up a storm, is caring and loving to her siblings and friends. We are so blessed with Miss E in our lives! Here are a few pics from her actual birth day - she's having a few friends over soon (delayed due to weather this year!).

Happy Birthday to Miss E!

New duds for her 18" doll

This one's for the Grandma and Grandpa - don't you LIKE the reaction here? Hers, "Wow!!!!!! Cool!!!!"  - Mr. E - "uh.....what in the world???? Oh no, GIRLY stuff, sigh"      :)

She likes it a lot Grandma and Grandpa - good choice!

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss E!


M Hastings said...

Happy Decennial , Miss E! What a joyous day! :)

Lepidoptera said...

Happy birthday! That look on her face says a thousand words. Pure joy, surprise, and delight.