Monday, September 3, 2007

Gigantic Spider Web!

Destination: Lake Tawakoni State Park

Well, the other day...Friday, I believe, CKB read a news item about a HUMONGOUS spider web found in the Lake Tawakoni State Park. See here before you continue:

and DEFINITELY see picture here:

Ok, so we thought this would be a good way to start off our school year - with a field trip :) So, being as CKB works from home and can take a little time off during the day and work later that night to "catch up", we pile into the van and take off to Lake Tawakoni....after a fun drive whereupon we follow yahoo map instructions and end up on some interesting roads (and I'm being nice here in that description) we finally make it to Lake Tawakoni State Park. Not much fanfare getting to this park....I think we came in the back way...not a single brown highway sign to let us know we were on the right path....again, I think we came the back way....envision partially completed roads....mud covering pavement roads....roads with NO street signs to tell you if you're even turning onto the right fun :)

So, as I was saying, we made it to the park and told the lady at the gate we were there to see the big spider web. She gave us a park map and said, "well, I don't know how much is left after all the rain and wind we had earlier today". Hmm. Ok, we said and proceeded on.

We drove on to the area where we were supposed to get out and walk from and headed on....wisely leaving the stroller in the car since due to the earlier rains, the paths were a tad muddy.

Here we are on our way to find the spider web(s):

Miss A: Where IS the spiderweb?

Mr. E: It's down this dark, creepy path...come on!

Miss E: I'm not too sure about this Daddy...

CKB: Come on, it'll be fun!

Mr. Baby: As long as I have my handy sippy cup, it'll be FINE!

..about 1/4 mile in, we found the right area, but sadly the storms had wreaked havoc on the massive web. We knew were in the right area as there were spiders EVERYWHERE - shudder - but it was still pretty neat to see what was left - the web was not gauzy and white, but BROWN, no doubt due to all the creepy crawlies who met their demise in it - and yes, it stunk pretty badly, but still, pretty neat to see different kinds of spiders virtually everywhere you looked. Somehow we made it out mean without anyone getting stuck in webs or having a spider fall on them :) Below are a few pictures from our never know where you might end up in a day, ya know? :)

We saw little spiders:


interesting egg sacks and all sorts of little critters crawling around the webs:

Here is what was left of the web

close shot: (you should be able to click on this and any of the other pics for a larger/better view)

Notice how far away the wise photographer is from this haven of spiders galore! He he he. Seriously, it wasn't so bad :) and I was right there in the middle of it too...for a few moments ;)

On our walk back to the car, I think Mr. Baby's expression sums it up for us:

Mr. Baby: I do NOT ever want to see or smell that thing again!

Where's my sippy cup?!

(isn't that little hand on Daddy's back just precious?!) :) 'til next time......

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